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Parkway Regulator

Discussion in 'Regulators' started by schu1842, May 31, 2004.

  1. schu1842

    schu1842 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Springfield, Ohio
    I just ran into a used Parkway regulator for sale. I don't think I'll get it but does anyone know whether Parkway made their own regs or just put their name on something made by another manufacturer?
  2. chuckrt

    chuckrt Barracuda

    Parkway does not make their own regs. I have an older Parkway and was really surprised how well it breathes until I asked the owner of my LDS who made them, he stated Apeks first not sure of the second. The equipment tech who services them said the second was very much like SP but not a downstream. I use the second as my octo. and the first as my second reg when diving H-valves. The shop has now stopped carrying them as the new versions are now made by somebody else and the LDS doesn't like them.

  3. Titletowndiver

    Titletowndiver Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Green Bay, WI
    I'm not positive but I think Parkway just went out of business.......
  4. scubatoys

    scubatoys ScubaBoard Business Sponsor ScubaBoard Business Sponsor

    Parkway was never really anthing more than a name... they didn't make anything - just slapped their name on it. Yes, they went belly up about a year ago - and deserved to as their customer service was terrible. We dropped the line because their service was so bad.

    XS Scuba - who primairly is in the dive bag business, has bought up their name and assets, but the future of the products is suspect - so I'd be hesitant to get any gear with their name on it if I cared about parts, warranty, etc...
  5. Bob3

    Bob3 Dive Shop

    I wasn't impressed that they were claiming to be in business/making wetsuits for 30 years when all they did was buy the name.

    The original outfit used to make some great suits, fit me like they were sprayed on.
  6. quimby

    quimby Barracuda

    Your right about the "recent" Parkway but as Bob3 said the original Parkway Fabricators of the 50s and 60's created by the Weiss brothers was solid gold. They were the innovation and THE wetsuit company until Rubatex (Recreonics) bought them I believe in 69 and when Dan and Fred left, corporate types began to gut them and this continued till the end as one bunch of marketers after another acquired the name.

    I knew the originators quite well and just wanted to make sure no one misinterpreted scubatoys post. Again I know what was meant and agree with him but just wanted to clarify what a great company, run by great people back in the days of wooden ships and iron men.
    Sorry for the interuption (hijack)
  7. Poseidon8118

    Poseidon8118 Barracuda

    FYI: Oceanic made Parkways last regulators. The alpha is very close to the Parkway Atlas. Parts that fit the alpha should fit the atlas if the reg needs to be serviced. If it's an older model I couldn't tell you, maybe; Apex, Aqua Lung.
  8. Arraial

    Arraial Angel Fish

    DonĀ“t know for sure but in Brazil there is a importer brand called Fundive with similar regs. You may find them on www.fundive.com.br. There is a first stage that looks like some Apeks but I think someone can tell you better (rescue 009 ?)
    Rodale's carried some tests on them :http://dive.scubadiving.com/gearfinder/main.php/manufacturer/view/Parkway/Regulators
  9. Poseidon8118

    Poseidon8118 Barracuda

    Hi Larry, Thought I`d drop by your shop on the internet and found your web cam! Pretty cool my man! I really like the zoom feature, and if anyone wants to see Larry at work you can! Crazy!!! LOL!!!

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