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Rate Maximus vs Oasis.

Discussion in 'Regulators' started by bebo, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. bebo

    bebo Contributor

    I've decided to buy my equipment and I'll be doing so pretty soon (next week). Sherwood is going to be the lucky company keeping my money.

    What I haven't decided yet is which regulator I'll choose, the Maximus or the Oasis. Maximus will be US$100 more expensive. I guess my question is: Is the flow control valve in the Maximus worth the extra cash?

    Before you launch your attack allow me to brief you:
    1-I'm new diver that pretends that all equipment bought be easy to service and reliable.

    2-Most of my diving will be done in warm, tropical, clear waters.

    3-I'm open to other alternatives.

    Thx in advance for your help....and may the diving force be with you.:wink:
  2. Diver0001

    Diver0001 Instructor, Scuba

    Yes, the "flow control = cracking pressure" control is worth the extra money. At 30 metres or more you'll want that.

    I'm a long time aqualung user so I'm a little biased but what I can say about the Maximus on the positive side is that it's completely indestructible. You could almost use a Sherwood as a hammer and still expect it to work.

    On the down side it's a wet breather, particularly if you dive in a position (horizontal) that puts the exhaust valve above the main diaphragm. The Aqualungs in the same price range just don't have this problem to the same extent.

  3. Dive Source

    Dive Source Dive Shop

    The sherwood regs are rock solid and as bebo says you could use one as a hammer.

    We use Sherwood regs in our rental department and they just go and go and go with no problems. If I could only pick one reg for a desert island it would be a Sherwood.

    They are easy to service and parts are cheaper than most other manufacturers.

    Admittedly there other regs that will out perform them at depths beyond 110 feet but none of that matters if they are broken.

    The cracking control on the Maximus is a nice feature but be sure that you also like the under arm hose routing feature that comes with it as not everyone does. Your LDS probably has a maximus in rental you can try out ( that's what we do) and it should help your decision.

    They also may be able to bring the price difference between the two down a bit more.
  4. rescuediver009

    rescuediver009 Contributor

    I would have to agree with Dive Source. I used to own a blizzard and the only beef I have with it is the performance at greater depth. But between the one way bleeder valve, the anti-cotton mouth feature, and the dirt cheap service, I would get another one anyday or recommend it for that matter.
  5. d33ps1x

    d33ps1x Divemaster

    Saying that the Maximus and Oasis are indestructible is a little unrealist.

    I see as many of them in rental departments grenade as much as any other reg under repeated use.

    Any regulator that is used and abused is going to require service over time and these two regs are certainly not outside of the rules nor are they indestructible. Cheap to service is a plus.

    What they are are reasonable good regulators for warm water recreational use at a moderate price. Wet breathers and certainly not as easy breathing as some other models but adequate.

    I'm a little biased on Aqualung vs Sherwood/Genesis as well and would prefer one any day. Maybe a Cousteau or a Titan in the same price range.

    Not trying to be nitpicky but when it comes to life support equipment it doesn't pay to be unrealistic either.
  6. Diver0001

    Diver0001 Instructor, Scuba

    Point well taken..... I guess that means I have to stop using mine as a hammer then :wink:

  7. Dive Source

    Dive Source Dive Shop

    Obviously regs need service and are not indestructable and my comments on their durabilty was not intended to be the literal truth ( it was just a statement of admiration for a great product...sheesh ...).

    Also not to be nitpicky either and I feel the need to add a couple more points of fact, since we sell them both and have no particular bias towards either.

    The Sherwood Blizzard ( and Maximus) has long been held as the cold water reg of choice for ice diving and is still going long after many other regs are frozen open in violent first stage free flows.

    We have not found them to be any wetter than the USD regs but have not done controlled testing to validate this opinion for one over the other. They also breath well when set up properly as do all the regs mentioned here.

    FYI - The Titan is a very good choice also but must be upgraded to the Glacia configuration if it is to be used for cold water diving the sames goes with the Coustea.

    Final thing - Sherwood and genesis regs are made and engineered in totally different places and share no common parts so should not be grouped together ( apples/oranges). Sherwood and Genesis BC's are similiar so that sometimes leads to this misunderstanding.

    Respectfully - Brian
  8. d33ps1x

    d33ps1x Divemaster

    Dive Source - Sorry if that came across harsh. Didn't intend it to be.

    Diver0001 - Nice. :D
  9. Dive Source

    Dive Source Dive Shop

    From what I have read from other peoples posts on the board your comments were way far from harsh :)

    Cheers !
  10. Titletowndiver

    Titletowndiver Contributor

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Green Bay, WI
    I've been diving with a Maximus for a couple years now. Overall its been rock solid, cheap to service, and it reasonably priced.

    It can be a very wet breather depending on your postion and I no longer care for the underarm hose postioning. I would try to rent one first and make sure the hose routing is comfortable for you.

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