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Shark Dive

Discussion in 'Marine Life and Ecosystems' started by DEEP SEA, Feb 10, 2001.


    DEEP SEA Nassau Grouper

    One of the things Stuart Cove mentioned while feeding was a shark has a ten day memory! How he came up with this fact I don't know for sure. However, the fact was, if a shark had something traumatic done to it, it usually stays away for about 10 days! After ten days their back. If that is true, they would forget about being feed and go about their normal life after 10 days of not being attended too.

    One day while doing a show for American Journal at Stuart Cove, we actually helped wild sharks. We went out to deep water where NOAA had a buoy. Fisherman fish for game fish and often hook sharks by mistake. The fisherman have changed their fishing habits from killing Silky Sharks to releasing them (good practice). However, this leaves the shark with a big hook and line in the chops. Stuart baits the sharks close with a chunk of fish then quickly grabs the tail and flips the shark over. The shark goes into a trans. An assistant swims over with a special stainless steel took and gently pulls the hook and line out. Stuart then lets the shark go. Every shark came back and swam close to us, almost like a ‘'thank you". American Journal named the show, "Shark Dentistry" and it got high ratings! Just thought you might enjoy the story.
  2. Mario S Caner

    Mario S Caner Member

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: San Diego, CA
    DeepSea, I would love to take part in something like that in the future, should the opportunity arise again. It sounds like a truely memorable experience.
  3. Iguana Don

    Iguana Don Guest

    I have somewhat mixed feelings on this topic.

    For the pro---There is nothing better I would like to do than to observe one of these magnificient creatures up close and personal. But that would be selfish of me, it would be better if I could just be in a position to observe them naturally.

    For the con---You say it's not behavior modification, when the boat pulls up to the location, the sharks start to gather. This is behavior modification, pure and simple, sort of like Pavlov's Dogs.

    As for the 10 day memory, well that theory just doesn't make any sense if you think about it. If shark comes to location, has a traumatic experience, swims off for 10 days, forgets about it. How does he remember to get back to location. It has been documented and filmed of the Great Whites in the "Red Triangle" coming back on a regular basis to feed on the seal population.

    The sharks are not the most deadly creature in the sea. "We have seen the enemy and it is us" Why is it that everything we find facinating and different we have to ruin. Take the most recent escapades of man at the Galapagos Islands. We have only to look at ourselves and see that we are the problem and not the solution. Why can we not just observe natures wonders and not have to interact with them.

    No I'm not a tree-hugger or some right wing fanatical, it's just that scuba diving has made me more aware of the wonders of Mother Nature and have found a new appreciation for the wonders of the world.

    Thanks for reading this, and now I will step down off of my soap box.



    DEEP SEA Nassau Grouper

    It has been a while since I heard Stuart talk about the 10 day theory. Maybe I got it wrong. I will contact him and see what he has to say. Maybe I can get him to log on and talk about sharks. He deals with them every day.
  5. gozumutti

    gozumutti Barracuda

    what's wrong with hugging trees? :D I do it all the time, but then I am nearsighted...
  6. joewr

    joewr ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: Northern California
    I am not a fan of Stuart Cove because his company has focused so much on capitalism that they sometimes forget the customer. That said, I have to admit that I am an avid supporter of his Shark Adventure (TM). If you head to New Providence, do a Stuart Cove Shark Adventure: you will not regret it. His company has been doing that dive for 20 years with no shark bites on customers (they claim--and I believe it due to the high cost of insurance he would have to bear were that not true).

    But one does not have to go on a shark dive to see sharks: we have been close to nurse sharks every time we've been to Cozumel, e.g. By the way, lots of fish swim faster than we humans and have sharper teeth: groupers (I know someone who was attacked by a grouper for no apparent reason), barracuda, tarpon, etc. So it is hard to avoid carnivorous fish in the ocean!

    I do not hug trees, either, but I sure do like them--especially the ones that provide wood for my shop! I am in favor of shark dives because it increases our appreciation of these beautiful animals and, if the effect is negative in terms of making them dependant on us, it affects only a few of them. In the grand scheme of things it must be better than "shark finning". So if you want to write letters to Congress or some such thing, go after those "shark dives".

    See ya all....

    DEEP SEA Nassau Grouper

    That's too bad how you feel about Stuart. I have been dealing with him for about 8 years now and have not had any trouble with him or his staff.

    Regarding trees, I like them too! They make good tree stands so I can shoot game! :D

    PS. With a video camera of course. :tease:
  8. Loopy Diver

    Loopy Diver Angel Fish

    I am opposed to feeding the sharks but I would love to have the chance just to be in the water with them- it must be really exilarating. But then again I think I would rather swim with dolphins. BOTH are cool creatures of the undersea world.
  9. DeepSeaDan

    DeepSeaDan Public Safety Diver

    # of Dives:
    Location: Ontario, Canada
    Knew of a commercial diver working in Indonesia some years ago. He was locked out of a diving bell in 450 fsw working on a production wellhead. The powerful bell lights illuminated the worksite nicely but beyond their range was inky blackness. He was about 30' from the bell & about 15' off bottom with his back to the open sea when something impacted his back & knocked him into the wellhead. Before he could react he was being hauled backwards & shaken like a Bond martini. What could only have been a sizeable shark then swam this poor lad in a frenzied series of swoops & dives while straining this diver's umbilical to the limit! The leviathan had clamped his jaws around the diver's "bailout bottle" ( an 80 ft3 cyl. of bottom mix used to get back to the bell should main umbilical supply fail ) & was trying to eat it, or rip it off so he could get at the tender morsel beyond.

    All the while this was going on the diver was screaming bloody murder...the bellman was trying to haul him back to the bell & all hell was breaking loose topside ( this kind of thing doesn't happen every day ). After what seemed an eternity ( maybe ::30 ) the monster spat out the unsavoury cylinder & moved off in search of more palatable fair. Our thoroughly frightened "almost-a-meal" diver raced back to the bell & shivered & shook his way back to the land of sun n' sky.

    Upon examination, the shark's teeth came very close to sawing through the aluminum skin of the cylinder & almost provided an expolsive end to the story, not unlike the demise of that Hollywood Great white back in '75.

    And our diver? He packed his bags & headed home to the sheep ranch. For good.

    Happy shark diving!

  10. joewr

    joewr ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: Northern California
    Deep Sea:

    I did not mean to offend one more of the fine members of this Board with a negative thought. As I wrote, I am a real fan of Stuart Cove's Shark Adventure (TM)--I just wish they paid as much attention to divers on their other trips.

    I am not real fond of Bahama Divers either, but Walkers Cay seems to be a cut above.

    Have you dived with those outfits? How do they compare in your assessment? I just want to find the best outfit on New Providence because we love the Bahamas--and we go there every other year.

    Let me know...


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