Thumbs up for the Sundiver people

Discussion in 'SoCal' started by fnfalman, Apr 11, 2012.

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    I was suppose to go out this last Sunday on the Sundiver Express with cwhite66 who was visiting from out of town. At midnight, I got a call to go to work for some emergency stuff. A man's got to make a living, so I unhappily shagged my ass to work.

    I called the Sundiver group and left a message that I got called out and had to miss the trip, and for them to call me so that I can make the payment. Regardless of the reason why I missed the boat, I had committed to the trip and the cost of the trip to the Sundiver charter. I talked with Julie and she told me not to worry about the payment. I was ready to make good on my commitment, but the Sundiver charter wouldn't take my money. That's pure class right there.
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    I agree. They treated all of the divers wonderfully and made sure we had a good time. Julie is a hoot and worth the trip herself. It was too bad you didn't make it. Maybe next time I get the chance.

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