Where to buy a SeaDive EagleEye mask SL?

Discussion in 'Fins, Masks and Snorkels' started by Wolver, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Wolver

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    Really would like the Truecolor TruView yellow lens. I found the mask with the RayBlocker lens offered online but I dont think that is the same lens. Seadive is a division of EB Industries out of Paramount CA.
    Oceanways makes this mask that seems very similar but not sure, anyone know? Here is a link to that mask: Oceanways Superview SL Truecolor @ Divers-Supply.com
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. cmburch

    cmburch Manta Ray

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    I use the TruVu Raybocker Eagleye and Monarch. My sister has the Pilot. I got some from an LDS which closed its doors and my sister's off the Internet from some Florida shop. Dolphin SCUBA Sacramento and Amazon use to carry them. The RayBlocker has excellent optical clarity, but not true color. It is great for those long surface swims in the bright California sunshine and excellent for discrimination of quarry for our low Vis conditions.
    Visually Enhanced Mask

    The strap looks similar. I will check when I get home.

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