XR2 Battery replacement

Discussion in 'AERIS' started by rellbee, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. rellbee

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    I just changed my battery and all went well until it was time to reinstall the clear battery hatch with the o-ring. I couldn't get it to seat no matter how hard i pushed with my thumb. Is there a trick to it? Manual just says to set completely and evenly with thumb. Any help is greatly appreciated
  2. irishsquid

    irishsquid Loggerhead Turtle

    I had to go through hell to get mine to seat also. I don't know of any tricks. Just keep working at it and hold your mouth / tongue a little different. :)
  3. boat sju

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    Be careful not to stretch the o-ring or it won't seat. I ran the o-ring through my fingers applying silicone , which was the wrong way to do it and it apparently stretched. I had to buy another one.

    I ended up using a screwdriver to turn the retaining ring to help me seat the hatch. Then I put pressure on the hatch with my thumb again and removed the retaining ring, up onto my thumb again. At that point I could tell that the clear hatch was seated properly and the retaining ring then turned easily into it's locking position.

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