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Thread: Fins sizing and fit; sinkers and floaters


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    Fins sizing and fit; sinkers and floaters

    I have a pair of IDI power fins I got when I was around 10-12. I'm 31 now. I still wear then to dive even though I don't think they fit like they should. I can fin along at a relaxed pace and my foot doesn't cramp, but if I go to power up one of my feet will lock up tight

    I'm looking at replacing them and wanted to ask how should fins fit? I wear booties so I prefer an open heel fin. Are one size fits all fins really that? I have a pretty average foot size I think.

    Next question: My current fins sink; quickly. After reading the threads on trim I have no doubt that fins that sink vs neutrally boyant vs fins that float have an effect on trim. What are your preferences and how much effect on trim do they have?

    Or is the preference with the fin and no account to boyancy characteristics are taken?


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    Hi Tom,

    I used an old pair of IDI fins...once. They were long, and VERY negatively bouyant..thought I was going to die on that dive!!

    To answer some of your questions, most fins come in at least 3 sizes (small, regular, and X-large). Some come in up to 5 sizes. Your best bet is to bring your boots to the shop with you when you try on fins. Boots are a big part of how the fins fit.

    The people at the dive shop should be able to help you, but what you are looking for are fins that are secure, but not to tight. A good way to test if they fit is to stretch your leg out while sitting, pointing your foot up, and shake it side to side (fast) and see if the fin is following your foot, or if you foot is wobbling around in the pocket. Have someone stand on the tip of the fin (with your foot resting on the floor) and lift your foot towards the ceiling. Make sure your foot doesn't come out of the pocket, and that you don't feel any cutting or cramping from the fin. Last thing, make sure (with your leg extended, like you were diving) that you can still wiggle your toes without feeling any major pressure. I had a pair of fins that were fine until I got new boots..then I got numb toes on every dive. Wiggling your toes is a good test for that.

    As for the bouyancy thing, I use my fins (black twin jets..slightly negative) as part of my trim. I wear a sleeveless, long leg 3mm suit, and I need the extra weight on my feet (my butt is bouyant enough!) So go for what you think you need.

    Hope this helps!
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    just wanted to add

    Apollo Bio Fins


    :stupid: though is in no way stupid

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