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Thread: Dry suit + inflator hose


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    Apr 2008

    Dry suit + inflator hose

    So I recently ordered a new dry suit, with the intent of using it while diving in very cold water. My plan is to stick to my wetsuit in summer and whatnot.

    However, The dry suit needs one more LP hose on the first stage. Is the hose easy to add/remove (I'm kind of scared of messing with my regulator)?

    Anyone else go both wet and dry? do you have two different regs? Is it possible/safe to just leave the extra hose dangling or will it leak air everywhere?

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    For me, if I were going to switch from my drysuit to my wetsuit for the summer, I'd just remove the hose and re-plug the 1st stage. It's no big deal. You can also just zip tie the drysuit inflator hose to the BC hose if switching back and forth.

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    adding and removing the inflator hose for the DS is simple. I dive both wet and dry (especially with classes in a pool) so I'm constantly switching in and out. All it takes is an allen wrench to unsrcew the LP plug on your 1st stage (don't lose it), then thread the inflator hose into the open port. Use a box or crescent wrench to snug up the hose. Both the inflator hose and the plug will (or should ) have o-rings already on them to make a tight seal. The only minor concern should be to not over tighten the plug or hose, just make it snug so you don't strip any of the threads.

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    ????? zip tie the dry suit hose to your leg????

    Adding and removing accessory hoses is not that hard. I reccomend you have a set of open end wrenches that fit the connectors at the end of the hoses. If you use an adjustable (cresent) wrench, make sure you are using a good quality wrench with no slop in it. You don't want to round the hose connectors.

    Remove one of the plugs from your regulator with the proper size allen wrench. I reccomend you open a port on the same side as your BC inflator hose because the other side typically has the primary and secondary 2nd stage regulators attached.

    Just screw the end of the hose with the threads showing and the little rubber O ring in the open port. Make sure you thread it in correctely without cross threading it. I usually turn the hose backwards, or counter clockwise, a little at first to find the beganing of the threads. It will kind of drop into place when they line up. Then screw the hose in by hand.

    Once the hose is hand tigh you can use the wrench that fits it to just snug it up. Do not turn it more than 1/4 to 1/8 of a turn with the wrench. You should be able to tell when the hose connector is fully seated on the regulator.

    To remove the hose later, if you don't want an extra hose dangeling, just use the correct wrench and break the hose loose while holding the 1st stage regulator in your hand. If it is so tight that you need to put it in a vise, take it to a SCUBA shop because they will have the correct jig to hold the regulator without damaging it. The end cap on a lot of 1st stage regulators are hollow and can be deformed in a vise quite eaisly.

    Any more questions?

    Keep your feet wet and your ears dry, Muddiver
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    Switching hoses on a regulator is harder than changing a lightbulb, but easier than changing a car's oil filter. You can do it, but you might need a wrench.
    Matt Silvia

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    Why bother? I keep the DS hose on all the time. When I am teaching a pool session or on vacation I simply tie the DS hose loosely around the tank valve. It's not in the way and if anybody notices it, it might be a conversation starter.

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    I don't bother removing the inflator hose when I am just in a wetsuit. Tuck it in where the two halves of the velcro meet and stick together when you strap your tank to your BC.
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    Mainly what the others have said....

    Removing it and plugging the port is easy. Have the shop show you how when setting it up the first time. Be sure to keep the plug, some just toss them in the pot figuring it's on there for good and that you have no need for it.

    If you only go wet ocasionally then as mentioned you can tie it off or tuck in in somewhare on your BC in most cases. If you will be wet for a prolonged period like a big vacation or the summer then get it off of your rig to avoid travel weight, needless corrosion and a needless failure point.

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