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Thread: Andrea Doria Information Sought for Car Magazine Article


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    Oct 2004

    Andrea Doria Information Sought for Car Magazine Article

    Hello all,

    I am an automotive historian and writer who has researched the Andrea Doria
    sinking for nearly 20 years because of a custom-bodied showcar that was lost in the disaster.

    The car in question was the 1956 Chrysler Norseman, which was built by the
    Italian coachbuilder, Ghia. While we are certain that the Norseman was
    lost on the ship, there has been a persistent rumor that there were other Ghia-bodied
    Chryslers on board, which would explain the disappearance of several of
    these cars around that time.

    My question to all of you here is this: Are you aware of any surviving records that
    could support or prove this theory? I would suspect that a ship's manifest
    could confirm whether these other cars were in the hold or the garage,
    which was, as I understand, near the point of impact with The Stockholm.
    Would you know of any other paperwork, photography or perhaps a maritime historical society that could point me in the right direction? I have tried contacting Ghia but have not received an answer as of yet.

    I am researching an article for Hemmings Classic Cars on the Ghia Chryslers
    and the amount of new information that I find could change the angle that I
    will pursue in writing this article. Any help with this project would be
    greatly appreciated and of course, noted in the text of the article. I
    would be interested in quoting divers' perspectives in the article as well.

    Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to any discussion that takes place from here.


    Don Keefe, Contributing Editor
    Hemmings Publishing

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    It may be a long shot but I'd conatct Gary Gentile, he's been deeply involved with the AD for quite a long time he may be able and willing to help-M

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    Welcome to Scuba Board!!
    You open with a great question for the memebers and lurkers.
    Hope you decide stick around after solving your mystery.
    Your post will probably be moved from this forum to a forum where it will be more often seen by folks with a wreck specialty.

    Now for my stock message, which is still under construction:
    This is a great place to meet people, talk about diving, and get information on just about any aspect of diving -or other subjects sometimes- that you can think of. Roaming through the forums is great help for me.
    When you post a question, be as sure as you can that it's in the right forum or you'll probably find it moved.
    The folks here are passionate about their diving, some about their specialty, so the reading can get very interesting, sometimes very hot.
    Don't forget, if you haven't already done it, to fill out you profile as completely as reasonable, it'll save you being asked and having to repeat the information often.


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    PM ME!! if you have questions; can't get back to every post.

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    I'll ask a Moderator about moving this to a more appropriate forum for better coverage.

    Good luck...
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    Hi Don,

    Scubaboard is to a larger extend a recreational diver's board.
    You may want to post your question at The Deco Stop, which caters more to technical divers. Plenty of Northeastern wreckers post there and might be able to help.

    Gary Gentile Productions is a good suggestion, he has a huge amount of dives on the wreck and several books out on it.

    Bernie Chowdhury might also be able to help. He's the author of "The Last Dive" and publisher of "immersed", a tech diving magazine. He also has plenty of Doria dives under his belt.

    Good luck
    Stefan Besier - Drivin' and divin' ...

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    Mar 2001
    St. Petersburg, Florida
    There is mention of several cars being lost with the ANDREA DORIA, the most notable being the Norseman. Since you are looking for actual documentation, contact John Moyer. If anyone has the manifest, documentation on the DORIA's cargo, etc., he would have it.
    jmoyer1952 AT comcast DOT net

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    Sep 2003
    newport news, va
    Mike, you beat me to it, since John Moyer has the salvage rights i'd bet he would be the best source for info on the cargo on board.
    in newport news, va.

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    Oct 2004
    Thanks so much for your help! I'll post my findings here and keep you all in the loop. This project may answer some questions that have lingered for almost a half-century.

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    Thanks Don,

    in spite of certain protestations, we are the largest Scuba web site/forum by far and you will get far more coverage here than anywhere. You might also contact Joe Porter of Wreck Diving Magazine, www.WreckDivingmag.com to see what he can dig up.
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