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Consider Yourself Warned !

Discussion in 'Non-Diving Related Stuff' started by King_Neptune, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. King_Neptune

    King_Neptune Founder

    When packing up the "Gear", and preparing to head out to that Vacation Dive Get-a-way, make sure you have everything properly tucked away!

    OR ELSE! ...

    Because if this happens to you, you deserve EVERYTHING you got coming to ya!

  2. Rockhound

    Rockhound Nassau Grouper

    funny story.

    Last year, I was waiting for my luggage at a gate carousel in Houston. Next to me were some teenagers/college kids traveling together on a school trip or something.

    A big suitcase came down the ramp at high speed, slammed into the edge of the carousel and flew open.

    The young man next to me, who was holding hand with a pretty girl and was obviously with the group, rushed over to catch it, but the crowd was too thick for him to make it over there in time. As the suitcase went out of sight, I could hear laughter from the other side as the case and it's contents made the circuit.

    When it came back around I saw what they were laughing at. The kid had a couple of pair of red and black thong underwear spread out over the conveyor belt and scattered with them were enough condoms for an army. The girl standing next to time gave him cross stare and said,

    "Now just what is all that sh-t for? "

    I tried not to laugh at his obvious distress, but it was VERY hard....,er, to not laugh, er, you know what I mean.....

    The girl was cute though, so I can't blame him. And, it's obvious that he thought ahead. He'd make a good diver. He planned the "dive" and all he had to do was "dive" the plan......too bad his "buddy" caught on. I guess he ended up diving solo.
  3. JamesK

    JamesK Solo Diver

    # of Dives:
    Location: SW Florida
    When I used to load airplanes, we had an experience similar to that. We heard a buzzing in a bag. We asked the person if there was anything in the their that could cause that. They said no. Well, when the bag was opened, her "toy" was turned on and doing its thing. Scattered among the inside of the bag were post card style pictures of her. Turns out she was a stripper and had a bunch of her "props" and promotional items in the bag.

    Then when I was a ticket counter supervisor, I had a group of 20 strippers on their way to Los Angeles. One of them decided to try to embarress me, and one of the other girls. So she reached down into her friends bag, and started pulling out toys and setting them ont he counter. Needless to say, we were both highly embarressed.

    You can see some very interesting things at airports.
  4. Spectre

    Spectre Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Wicked farther south of familiar
    Unless of course he was _returning_ from a trip and his girlfriend was picking him up from the airport... Kinda like getting caught taking lobsters without a permit! :)
  5. Ranz

    Ranz Barracuda

    Why not take the batteries out so it would not turn on while in the bag?:gotcha:
  6. Amber

    Amber Barracuda

    ROTFLMFAO!!! I am still laughing from those stories.
  7. art.chick

    art.chick Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Hollywood, USA
    In 1996, it had been many years since I had flown on an airplane & did not realize how sophisticated the security systems had become. When I was travelling in the early '80's, getting on the plane was like getting on a bus.

    Anyway, I have always kept many reptiles, whose medical care can be very costly. Thus, vets generally give me a handfull of syringes with subcutaneous medication for my little scaly buddies. In this way, I could medicate them without having to pay the vet for every shot. I often sneaked the reptiles in my pockets to work when they were sick so I could give them this medicine. Thus, it was not unusual for me to have a syringe in a jacket pocket (back the, they did not search you at work, either!)

    You see where I am going with this; yes, I innocently showed up at an airport checkpoint with a loaded pocket, & when the lady asked me to empty my pocket, my alarm was so evident that the guard herself pretended to look the other way rather than confront whatever this discovery meant. Gratefully, I went on my way, ditching the evidence in a container in the bathroom that was actually designated for this purpose! Egads! I had no idea how many people had sick lizards.
  8. SCUBAKristey

    SCUBAKristey Nassau Grouper

    These are my fave stories! I had to do a gate security screening one night on a Las Vegas flight. This GUY has so many toys and plugs...EW! (THank GOD for surgical gloves and LOTS of soap!!!!) He was also extremely embarrassed! (I was just grossed out.)

  9. Louie

    Louie Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives:
    Location: Vancouver (yet again but not for long)
    If Renee Koutsouradis was so humiliated by the mere spectacle created by a bag check on an airport tarmac, why has she made herself famous by taking up a lawsuit thus becoming "Have Latex will Travel" for the world to laugh at?

    As much as I hate saying this but I hope the airline wins this one. It's people like this who make it more difficult for those taking up serious and genuine grievances against airlines and other corporations for violations such as inappropriate conduct and sex discrimination.
  10. King_Neptune

    King_Neptune Founder

    Because that would assume the existance of intelligent thought, hehe.

    This is true, which is why I cant help but think the Airlines will lose. Isn't this how it always goes?

    What I don't understand is how you hear these people getting these outrageous settlements for minor and/or silly complaints.

    My wife, LD, and I were at a McD's (our first mistake) and she had gotten one of the breakfast sandwiches (Sausage Biscut with egg) and when she bit into it she busted 2 of her front teeth right out of her mouth. Turns out there was a LARGE chunk of glass in the sandwich she bit into.

    They blammed Sunny Fresh Farms since they make the egg solution and some other company for some other reason and after more than a year of fighting with them they bassically ran our lawyer/Firm at the time into the ground to the point they could not afford to keep representing us and we settled for so little that it did NOT even cover my wifes medical bills. Not to mention lost wages and all the tons of other things like Ambulance fees, etc...

    Someone gets wronged and has a legit claim and they get steamrolled. Some spills coffee on themself and gets millions... Go figure.


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