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The V Weight Flip

Discussion in 'Hogarthian Diving' started by saying, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. saying

    saying Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Laie, HI
    So in an effort to lose the weightbelt altogether with some AL80s I got me a V Weight.

    I figured, "Eh, so it gets me a little heavy" (about 4 lbs heavy) the loss of belt, I thought was worth it.

    Then I get in the water and I fight the trim the entire time. After a few minutes I decide to just hold still and see what the hell this weight wants to do.

    Turns out, what it wants to do is get me on my back, and fast. But not to just turtle over to one side or the other... oh no. It wants to flip me headfirst like I'm doing a summersault before leaving me staring up at the surface.

    Did I misunderstand? Was the V weight supposed to be strapped to my legs or something? Or is it just a case of drastic overweighting?
  2. CanadianDiverGirl

    CanadianDiverGirl Nassau Grouper

    Very strange indeed! Sounds like you could use more weight under or at the bottom of your tanks.

    Tell me, are the bands on your AL80's right at the break of the neck?
  3. GreenDiverDown

    GreenDiverDown Instructor, Scuba

    Can you give us some more details? Are you diving wet or dry? What is your weight total and how do you have it rigged? What BP are you using? Which wing? Which holes in the wing are you using? How much does your V-weight weigh? Where did you place your V-weight...is it directly behind your wing or did you put it on the far side of the bands? A lot of V-weights have a long and short end. Did you put the long end up...pointing over your head or the long end down...pointing towards your feet? Maybe a pic of your rig would help?

  4. GreenDiverDown

    GreenDiverDown Instructor, Scuba

    Also... you don't have to keep those four extra pounds. You can trim that V-weight down with a saw.
  5. mer

    mer Cave Instructor

    Try a center of gravity drill. The position you hold your legs will not be the same for all rigs, but you should be able to compensate with leg positions for all sorts of strange placements of weight on your rig.

    Also v-weights come in various sizes, ranging from 4 to 11+ pounds.
  6. saying

    saying Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Laie, HI


    16 is right.
    Was wearing it all on the belt with an aluminum plate, but just got me a 12 lbs FredT that I'm so in love with I am damn near making out with it.
    Sans V-weight I'm wearing the extra 4 in Trim weights on the backplate waistbelt (one is substituting for a hose retainting canister light until I find $800 under a rock or something)

    Above mentioned, dead sexy FredT

    Dive Rite Classic

    Tried all three, same results.
    Also, no matter how far I move the tanks down (that is, using the bottom holes on the plate) same result.

    8 lbs.


    Long end down.

    Probably, but I'm pretty lazy.

    Basically, unless I skull like an idiot I'm flipping over. The center of gravity seems to be in the middle of my shoulderblades.
  7. GreenDiverDown

    GreenDiverDown Instructor, Scuba


    I don't have a good answer for ya.

    16 pounds for twin Al 80s, drysuit, fresh water...6 pounds or so of that is your cylinders' bouyancy when near-empty...leaving 10 pounds for your DS and undees...wow...just seems 'wierdly-lite'.


    ...the 'problem' will disappear with a little more time in your doubles...

    ...it's related to things like leg position and back arching...

    ...that 8# V-weight simply is too much...could you cut it in half and just use the one bolt hole and the lower bolt with the weight pointing towards the feet...

    ...toss the V-weight and just stick with a weight belt...


    ...you could tuck the V-weight in the front of your thigh for optimal chick appeal or in the back, for those time when you want to be left alone!

  8. SDAnderson

    SDAnderson Dive Charter

    # of Dives:
    Location: On a good day, Lake Michigan
    In order of preference, try the following:
    1. Determine exactly how much weight you need - you may be able to reduce your ballast.
    2. Reposition the tanks in their bands - move them as far down as you can and still do a valve drill.
    3. Move the channel weights as far down as possible.
    4. Dump the channel weights and go for a harness or weight belt.
    Sometimes training wheels (ankle weights) can be a help while you're getting used to a new configuration, just remember that they are tiring and that you want to abandon them as soon as possible.
  9. Mako Mark

    Mako Mark Dive Charter


    please send video!!!!!!!!!

    Have you tried butt mounting the weight!!!!

    Small helium balloons attached to the manifold might help..

    Sorry to make light of it dude, I dive dry with al 80's in fresh with a similar 8-9 lb V weight and center of gravity is great, dont even need gaitors. I sure would like to see that video though.
  10. novadiver

    novadiver Solo Diver


    Was that you at millbrook on sun. Beach two about 1:45 ?

    If it was , that was some fancy upside down, feet towards the sky swimming.:)

    PM me and I'll help you out.

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