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  1. DAVE670

    DAVE670 Angel Fish

    I have a great opportunity to travel to the Galapagos islands, my sister in law is going to work on the island with the Darwin foundation and can put me up for free.

    I've read about Wolf & Darwin islands and can't see traveling all that way without diving there.

    Does anyone know if there are land based operators that travel there or is an all or nothing proposition with the live aboards?

    If latter is the case which ones are worth looking in to and how far in advance should I start planning?

    Any comments or information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. sharkj

    sharkj Scuba Instructor

    My shop owner took a familiarization trip on the "Deep Blue" last July and booked it for this coming September, and I've paid my deposit. Eric Cheng has taken some fabulous shark photos. From what I understand, the boat operators stay in radio contact so that all the guests can migrate to where the desired critters are; more flexibility than what the land operators can offer. Also, limits diver impact on environment with limited boats in protected areas. Start calling now!

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