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View Poll Results: Should Women in Bikinis be in Scuba Diving Magazines

180. You may not vote on this poll
  • Hell Yes!

    109 60.56%
  • Yeah, Sure

    15 8.33%
  • Don't Care

    33 18.33%
  • Its a Little Much

    16 8.89%
  • Hell No!

    7 3.89%
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Thread: Half Naked Women in a Dive Magazine?


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    Uncle Ricky

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    Oct 2000
    Gulf of Mexico
    1,000 - 2,499

    Having a choice..

    Having a bunch of Diving mags to choose from is great, isn't it? I buy what I like and don't buy what I don't like. And I don't whine about what I don't buy. And if I do feel like whining about something I do buy, it's mostly a whine to myself for my bad judgment in wasting my own money.
    "You can have peace, or you can have Freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once." (Heinlein)
    "... they saw the deeds of the LORD, his wondrous works in the deep." (Ps107:24)

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    Has not set a "status"

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    Feb 2003

    [QUOTE][i]CuriousMe once bubbled... [/i][B]...

    CuriousMe once bubbled...
    I agree with Cat and Rec2Tec in that it's likely you're connected with the magazine in some way....but please, even if you are...are you saying that you've managed to become a technical diver...but that "turning to page 80" is to much to grasp?

    If you are from the magazine, give your readers some credit. Credit that they can figure out where the rest of the article is (so it doesn't turn into a 'choose your own adventure').

    The key to any good product is meeting a need no one else is meeting. So, if you really want to create a good dive magazine, make it about the diving. Intelligent articles, minus the girlie shots (shouldn't your magazine be about diving instead of the controversy of having pictures of girls in swimsuits?..I mean I know you stated that you like the controversy...but is that a wise business reason?)....cause there are already plenty of mags out there that folks feel don't have intelligent articles, and there are plenty of mags out there with pictures of scantily clad women. So, how is your mag any different? Do you think it's different because you've put these two parts together? It's kind of like those three-in-one printers (you know the ones they fax, scan and print?) Sure they technically do three things...but they don't do any of them well. Figure out what kind of magazine you want to be, then do it well.

    My .02


    I am a subscriber and I know the people from DIVERS, and have dived with them. As for the "turning to page 80" its not that I cannot figure it out, but it becomes incredibly boring and obnoxious when there are as many jumps as pages.

    No, I am not the owner. I have, however, heard much of the controversey and that is why I asked the question.

    And I hate to point out, but there are plenty of magazines with good articles and scantily clad women... as well as without... I happen to think the articles are pretty good... but if you have any suggestions, I happen to know that they are more than happy to take them and utilize them.

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    Advertiser Representative

    In Cayman & Cozumel next
    week..anyone else? Send me a

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    Jul 2000
    Chicagoan living in Texas
    I'm a Fish!


    They had a booth at Dema in Las Vegas. I picked up the magazine, and just now looked through it.
    I'm not sure who they were trying to market to. It surely isn't me.
    I doubt they will last.
    Still my favorite ..www.advanceddivermagazine.com
    Peace and Love,
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    ScubaBoard Contributor

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    Apr 2002
    Kingston, ON, CA.

    Red face I must admit I voted "Hell Yes"I'd rather l...

    I must admit I voted "Hell Yes"
    I'd rather look at "Half Naked Women"
    then guy's in dive gear with all the newest and greatest gear on.

    Half naked women SELL always have always will
    Big Jim
    "Carpe Diem"
    Just One Man's Opinion.... Probably Wrong

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    is not diving

    jepuskar's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Chicago, IL
    500 - 999

    not me

    I do not buy diving magazines with half naked women on them. What a waste of money...

    My money gets spent on full naked women in diving magazines.

    The articles are great...

    101 positions for orally inflating your BCD
    How to retrieve your lost crotch strap...

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    ScubaBoard Supporter
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    Has not set a "status"

    ScubaTexan's Avatar
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    Apr 2002

    DIVERS Magazine

    How have I missed this? I've never seen it anywhere, nor even heard of it. Is it on regular newsstands, like Barnes and Noble?

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    Senior Member

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    Lawman's Avatar
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    Oct 2002

    I don't believe in half-way measures.

    If there are going to be naked people they
    should be completely naked. Half-naked just
    doesn't get it!
    "I'm trusting in the Lord and a good lawyer"
    Ollie North, 1986

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    Has not set a "status"

    cyklon_300's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    1,000 - 1,999

    That's the whole problem with it...

    it's a 'half-ass' magazine...

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    Has not set a "status"

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    Sep 2002
    Upstate N.Y.

    Women in bikini's...............

    Well. tell a women that she can't wear one and watch her response. Show her a woman in a revealing bikini and watch her response. I believe this is a no win situation. This all comes down to marketing, lets be honest. Most of us wouldn't have this exotic picture of a dive destination unless there were sun, lots of tanned skin, male and female, and of course what we like to do.......Scuba. The fact the women are in bikinis could be taken two ways depending who you talk to. Men have been admireing the female form for milenia. Generally speaking, if a woman is wearing a bikini, her mind is covered more than her body, do the math. Women may tell you that it's a comfort thing. Never having worn one, that may be true. I could only hope men would have the propper attitude when in the company of women in bikinis. Try to respect their right to enjoy them selves, and keep your primal side in check. As for the origional question, duh.........If you want to come into contact with veniumus marine life wearing a bikini, you have already been in the sun a little too long, find some shade........................

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    Has not set a "status"

    divemistress's Avatar
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    Feb 2002

    Some beef(cake) to accompany the cheese?

    Why NOT pictures of good-looking guys wearing Speedos? As long as they are the kind of guys who look good in Speedos, say competitive swimmers and their ilk.

    O-ring, you have a wonderful way with words. But if a Speedo is a "banana hammock", isn't a bikini top little more than a melon hammock? (Or orange, or kiwi, depending.....)

    I'm curious now: Do out-of-place pictures of scantily clad men make real men feel (choose as many as appropriate) uncomfortable/threatened/p*ssed/whatever)? Just as out-of-place pictures of scantily clad women affect some real women?

    O-ring once bubbled...

    IMHO, no man should EVER wear a Speedo unless he is in a sport where the wearing of one is a necessity...and then it should be hastily hidden under a towel or removed as soon as said sport has reached its culmination. Wearing a banana hammock is just plain wrong...

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