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The Shearwater Teric Announced

Discussion in 'Shearwater Research' started by divezonescuba, May 28, 2018.

  1. tcoen

    tcoen Shearwater Research

    Hi Scubajelly and Aiian,

    Can you contact us at support@shearwater.com? We can investigate your problems and determine if there any issues and solutions. Aiian, in your case there was a firmware issue on some chargers where the Teric would stay in a higher-power, screen-off charging mode at the end of the charge cycle on some chargers. This has been addressed in the newest firmware release. If that isn't the issue, then we can work with you to get log files and investigate further.

    Best regards,
    Shearwater Research
  2. Miami_Scuba_Man

    Miami_Scuba_Man Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Miami, FL
    Teric Compass Arc View?

    Does anyone happen to know the default compass arc view that the Teric displays in compass mode (not the overlay, but the arc view after three info clicks)? With my Perdix AI, you can set the "zoom" view to 60, 90 or 120 degrees of arc view. The default compass view (on the Perdix AI) is 90 degrees arc. The online manual says that 60 degrees, if changed to that, might feel more "natural". Personally, I just liked the 60 degree view bc it showed more fined tuned zoomed in details each time you moved away from your green (or red) line you're following of your marked heading. The Teric, I don't see a setting to change that. So, you're stuck with the default (unless I'm missing something). Just curious to see if anyone actually knows what that default zoom is with the Teric's compass view.

    Follow up question is with my battery.

    I'm consistently getting down to 20% to 15% after just 12 hours - with the watch just being on the medium brightness setting - JUST being in watch mode (not even playing with settings, logs, or using it for any activity or downloads). Curious if that's normal of if I need to contact Shearwater for a replacement unit (I've had the Teric for 4 days now). Their website says it gets 50 hours in dive mode (which obviously, implies the screen being on and working harder to make more calculations). I'm like.. ummm, no. It also says 3 months of standby and "recommend to top off every 6 months". Tomorrow for example, I'm working my dive shop during the day and teaching the night dive tomorrow night. If I worked the night dive (we generally leave at 6:30 pm and get back around 11:30 pm) after working the shop all day (we open at 10 am), then my Teric will be useless without charging it again before I leave for the night dive. Especially, knowing the battery will probably go faster in dive mode (even more so with the compass being activated for the whole 2nd reef dive).. but the 1st dive, being 100 feet deep at night.... there is NO WAY I'd dive that dive without bringing my charger to work. Forget about taking it off the charger any second other then last second, before I left for work. I wanted to get actual hard data, so I kept track of what I was getting today. I'll attach a screen shot. For the record, my Teric is updated to (at current) V09 and I've only used the stock Shearwater Teric charger

    Other then that, as an ACTUAL DIVE COMPUTER, the teric is amazing.

    Attached Files:

  3. lynnpartridge

    lynnpartridge Dive Equipment Manufacturer

    If you are not getting the expected battery life on your Teric, please contact us at info@shearwater.com. One of our engineers will work with you to resolve this issue.
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  4. Jay

    Jay Need to dive more!

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Melbourne, OZ.
    I have a feeling the "50 hours in Dive Mode" might be without diving; I only used 75% of a full battery doing 4 days of diving, 3 dives/day, 9 hours of dive time, 2sec sample rate, was diligent turning AI T1 on/off, compass wasn't used, and didn't use it as a watch, but did fluff and a lot with it. Each dive ate ~5% of the battery.
  5. Miami_Scuba_Man

    Miami_Scuba_Man Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Miami, FL
    I lose about 8 - 10% an hour not even doing anything
  6. MikadoWu

    MikadoWu Barracuda

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Florida
    I turned my Teric Off, after the firmware update 2 weeks ago. Just turned on to check Battery level and it is almost fully charged. First dive with new firmware is next weekend.
  7. Miami_Scuba_Man

    Miami_Scuba_Man Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Miami, FL
    I love hearing that. I've talked to other people that I know own them and they all are getting similar battery life. I contacted Shearwater showed them the data I was getting on my battery every 30 min (from my previous post). As it turns out, when I called, they were like, "where you that guy that posted about this on ScubaBoard?". So, kudos to them for being on this. They are replacing my Teric for a new one. I can't say enough about the company and their customer service. So, Shearwater, if you're listening (or reading), thank you. I think I just got the one lucky bad apple....
  8. lairdb

    lairdb Solo Diver

    (Ha -- I don't think I've posted in years; just came by to see Teric reviews, and what comes up but an obscure question I can help with.)

    What you want is to spend a while (and some money) at mycasebuilder.com. (No affiliation, other than they've solved some similar problems for me.) Here's an example I threw together in about 5 minutes for your Teric, Perdix, and some other common equipment:

    View attachment 480957

    It's not DIY cheap, but the results come out very nice.
  9. stuartv

    stuartv Seeking the Light ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Manassas, VA
    Or you could go to Harbor Freight and buy their smallest Pelican case-clone for $12 (with a coupon). That has pick-and-pull foam in it to customize it to hold a Perdix and a Teric. Or whatever you want.
  10. lamby66

    lamby66 Nassau Grouper

    I love it! A pair of dive computers, a glock 29 and 2 magazines. I DO live in Milwaukee!

    I bought a pelican case and has some closed cell foam and made my own, but a custom cut one with the ballistic nylon shearwater case would be more refined and lighter for airline travel.

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