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Your scuba set-up

Discussion in 'Basic Scuba' started by Dive ireland, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. diver 85

    diver 85 Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: SW Louisiana
    Nemrod, that outrage is a little small??......we use a little larger one 75 miles out......
  2. Nemrod

    Nemrod Solo Diver

    I wanted one I could use as a deluxe dingy on my yacht I am saving for. :blinking:

    Oh, I like the Mares X Vision mask, that new Aqua Lung Micro Mask is cool and of course a good old classic oval is so very jaunty.

  3. Boxcar Overkill

    Boxcar Overkill Barracuda

    I dive warm tropics water.

    For regs I have the cheapest set of Mares regs you can get from scubatoys.
    I have a Zeagle 5# SS backplate, a 30# Oxycheg Razor extreme wing, dive rite harness and cams, and oxycheq channel weight.

    My mask is a basic cheap mask made in Taiwan, I'm not sure it even has a name brand. My fins are scubapro vipers, which are straight, long enough for strong currents, non-split.

    I have a bit of fin envy. I'd like to go to scuba pro jets, when I get around to it.

    My mask is serving me well, and my regs are doing just fine, even if they are from the bargin bin. I wouldn't take my regs to the cold water, but here they work like a charm.

    I like my backplate and wings well enough.
  4. emttim

    emttim Barracuda

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Santa Clara, CA
    Pinnacle 7mm wetsuit with 5mm Pinnacle kevlar gloves, 5mm SeaSoft Titanium boots (I think they're 5mm anyway), and 5mm Pinnacle hooded vest
    Oceanic Excursion BCD
    Oceanic Air XS 2 octopus
    Aqua Lung Titan regulator
    Oceanic VEO-250NX wrist computer
    ScubaPro Twin Jet Max split fins
    LED Ikelite secondary light
    UK C4 eLED primary light

    Exposure protection: Excellent. The merino lining on the Pinnacle wetsuit and hooded vest does an excellent job of keeping me comfortable and warm (as warm as possible anyway in 50 degree water) throughout the dive. Gloves are still pretty flexible and work fine and the booties are excellent as well & the fin ridges are great. I still want a damn drysuit though.

    BCD: The Excursion is an excellent BCD due to it's streamlined design, relatively comfortable backpad and the flip-down pocket on the right is useful. However, I'm planning to upgrade to a Mares Dragon because the Dragon has two quick-release valves instead of one, it has two big pockets without being too bulky as opposed to one small one, the weight releases are the big red pull ones instead of the velcro quick-snaps that tend to unsnap when you don't want them to, and it looks extremely comfortable.

    Octopus: Sucks. I absolutely hate integrated air octopuses and never plan to buy one again. Sure, you have one less hose to deal with...at the cost of a poor design that leaves you prone to hitting the purge button on your alternate air source when attempting to use the deflator. On top of that, in an OOA situation, you have to take your regulator out of your mouth--not the best plan imo.

    Regulator: I'm never getting a different regulator. The Titan works great, no resistance whatsoever and even though I've accidentally gotten sand in it, it still works like a champ and has never jammed up or free flowed on me once.

    Wrist computer: Man, I love wrist computers...they are so much better than consoles! The VEO-250NX is an excellent computer, it's simple to use, it's reliable, the battery lasts forever, you can replace the battery by going to the grocery store, it's nitrox capable up to 50%, automatically adjusts for altitude, can be hooked into your PC to download your dive profile, stores plenty of dives and has backlighting for night dives.

    Fins: I don't have much to say about the split fins. Not much moving parts to break. Seems to work fine for propulsion. I can haul ass in the water if I want to, but I've never used regular fins, so I have no idea if they're "better" but I'm quite happy with my fins.

    Secondary light: Works great for day dives when I want to peek in crevices. I've never had to use it during a night dive and I hopefully never will.

    Primary light: Sucks. The C4, even with LED, just doesn't offer enough illumination. I plan to get a C8 when I can afford to and sell the C4 to someone who, like me, can't afford anything more and needs it for AOW.
  5. Sas

    Sas Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Ok well I do rec diving in cooler waters (8-20C depending on season). A bit of my kit will be replaced in the next few years as I want to get into wreck diving eventually so a bunch of this stuff will not be suitable. Overall I am pretty happy with my stuff, as it suits my current diving well. :)

    Exposure protection: Beachat 7mm semidry, 2.5mm hooded undervest, 5mm boots and gloves. Keeps me warm enough for about three 40-60min dives in 11C water so pretty happy with the suit. Gloves are too thick for me though (I have an ongoing hand injury so really need the dexterity - had to cut the tops off the fingers in my right hand). I have a 0.5mm Scubapro diveskin now too, which I like as it can be dried out between dives so I am not putting on a sopping wetsuit for my second or third dive. Getting a drysuit at the end of this winter though, when they are cheaper, as I do not want to do another winter wet!

    Regs: Scubapro MK11, S555 + R295: Really like my regs, easy to breathe at depth compared to the rental ones I had in the past. Have tried out my occy too on dives and again, no resistance when breathing. So no complaints there.

    Computer: Scubapro Smartcom. Got this second hand and I really like this computer as it is air integrated and I can download the dive data to my PC for my dive log. Also numbers are big and easy to read, and it can be detached easy from the hose. However it is a console so I will need to get a wrist one when I eventually start getting into cavern training and so on in a few years. I hate stuff around my wrists actually but guess I'll have to get past that :wink:

    BC: Scubapro Ladyhawk BC. Very comfortable and I much prefer the backinflate style over the jacket I used during OW. However, again I will need to upgrade in a few years to a BP/W that can take doubles. In the mean time, however, this one has been really suitable for me.

    Lights: Princeton Tec LED for primary and Princeton Tec Impact XL for secondary. Meh nothing exciting here, does the job on the night dives I do around piers. The Princeton Tec doesn't do so well in day time unless I am nosing around under a really dark ledge. Both seem to last ages without battery changes.

    Fins, Mask: I have Tusa Serene mask and Tusa Imprex TriEx fins. Fins were hard going at the start as they are long and pretty stiff. My legs are conditioned for them now though, and I have no issues with cramps anymore. Mask seems fine, fits well. Initially it hurt the bridge of my nose but I don't have that problem anymore. Have no basis of comparison though as I have only ever tried this mask and fins... :) I got one of the Tusa snorkels included with the mask and fins and I hate it. Firstly, attached to my mask it drives me nuts so it stays at home (or in my pocket on a class), and it also has some kind of purge valve thing that slowly leaks so I can only use it for a minute before it becomes too wet to breathe from. I think if I have to get a snorkel again I will keep it real simple :wink:
  6. w0nger

    w0nger Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 25 - 49
    Location: Calgary, Canada
    Akona 3 mm Wetsuit and Booties
    Mares Quattro Excel Fins
    Diverite SS Plate w/ Rec Wing and transplate harness
    Sherwood Maximus reg and inline octo (minimus)
    Mares Nemo Excel computer
    and my accesories, ie. lights, SMB, whistles...

    love it all.. just wish i was more color co-ordinated... i'm like a clown underwater... oh well...
  7. tstormdiver

    tstormdiver Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: Kentucky
    Scubapro MK25/S600 (5ft hose) with R295octo & gages (bungied necklace)
    Oceanic Hera BC
    Oceanic Datamask
    2- AL63 tanks
    Scubapro Twin Jet Max fins
    Oceanic Pocket snorkel
    Xcel Hydrospan 3mm wetsuit
    Henderson Hyperstretch 2pc. 7mm wetsuit (used only if there is a catastrophic failure of my drysuit)
    Scubapro booties
    Sealife DC 600 digital underwater camera & strobe

    Back- up Recreational
    Sherwood Oasis Regulator, Octo & gages
    Shewood Magnum BC

    DUI TLS 350 custom drysuit
    Pinnacle Merino Evolution 650gm undergarments
    Generic 400gm fleece undergarments
    Pinnacle Temperate 150gm fleece undergarments
    Henderson Hyperstretch 7mm hood
    Oceanic 5mm gloves
    Double LP85's
    Double LP95's
    Al 40 pony/ deco bottle (set up to be slung on harness)
    Apeks Stainless Steel Backplate
    Dive Rite Deluxe Harness
    Dive Rite Classic wing
    3- Scubapro MK25/S600 (1 with 7ft primary hose, 1 as the secondary & 1 as a pony/ deco regulator)
    Nitek Duo computer
    Deep See Adventurer mask (with a Scubapro Scout mask as a back- up)
    Dive Rite 10 watt wreck canister light
    Priceton Tech Tech40 lights for back up
    Scubapro Jet Fins
    Dive Rite Cavern Reel
    Dive Rite 50lb lift bag

    Whew!! :shakehead: I think that about covers most everything. I primarily dive quarries near me, so the water temps can range between 89+ degrees (bath water) in the shallows in the summertime to 42 degrees (refreshingly cool:D) at depth year round. I am not at all shy about mixing & matching some of my gear for recreational diving (drysuit, masks, lights & such) when needed. The only thing I can say I'm not super crazy about is the Datamask. It is a great concept & very good computer, but it is almost too big for my face & so it doesn't play well with a hood, without leaking (no, I don't have the skirt under it, the hood pushes the mask down). With the Datamask, it is also difficult, if not impossible to use the right hand to equalize the ears with thick gloves on. Because of the placement of the computer, it restricts the nose pocket access. Other than that, I do like the Datamask, just wish it came in a slightly smaller size.
  8. Codie

    Codie Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 25 - 49
    Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
    Mainly dive in warm waters, might still do some "cool" quarry dives.

    Oceanic Excursion BCD
    Oceanic Atom 2.0 PDC (with transmitter)
    Oceanic Delta 4 reg + Alpha 8 Octo on FDX-10 first stage
    Oceanic SWIV pressure gauge
    Oceanic Spinner knife
    Mares Plana Avanti Quattro Fins
    Posiedon 3D mask
    Pocket snorkel
    Reef 5mm semi-dry wetsuit
    Reef booties
    Softie lead weights

    Only major pieces of equipment left for me to buy is a decent light, a HP steel cylinder (tank), and maybe a new bag. I am a fan of Oceanic (in case you couldn't tell), and the backup in South Africa is brilliant. Love all my gear.
  9. stairman

    stairman Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: florida
    Pinnacle cruiser 7mm wet suit,D.R[Dive-rite]hood,booties,fins[also use jets]both spring heels.D.R alum backplate/harness/bands/manifold and dual rec wing.Fabar steel 95's,D.R masks,reels,10 watt HID,Atomic z2 regs[din]D.R nitek plus and duo,oxycheq backups and princeton tek,luxfer alum 40w/OMS o.2 reg,luxfer alum 80[stage]with S.P G250 regD.R stage kits.Wrist slate[4 pages]Thigh pouch for spare mask,truck keys,spare knife,magnifying glass and deco tablew/wet notes.99% of diving is in Florida caves:D
  10. Walter

    Walter Instructor, Scuba

    Reg = Scubapro Mark 10/G250
    BC = Scubapro Classic Sport (original vest design)
    Fins = Scubapro Jets (rubber straps)

    I live in a semitropical climate, but have dived the rig in lots of different areas of the world from the Caribbean to the Great Lakes to Siberia. It's the perfect set up for a single tank or small doubles.

    The BC is the most streamlined of any I've ever used. It does not trap air. It has no padding, so I don't have to add lead just to sink the BC.

    The regulator breathes very nicely and delivers enough air for two people at depth.

    The fins work better than any fins I've ever used regardless of the kick. They are also very easy to put on and take off.

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