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Is Dacor dead?

Discussion in 'Q and A for Scuba Manufacturers' started by BigWhiteSquare, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. BigWhiteSquare

    BigWhiteSquare Solo Diver

    I just talked to someone that runs an LDS, and he said he got info (from a Mares rep) suggesting the Dacor brand was not going to be revived. Has anyone else heard this?

    Phil, any comments?

  2. clarktenk

    clarktenk Nassau Grouper

    So does that make the Dacor BC I am looking to sell an antique and rare commodity. Cool I just uped the price. One classic Dacor bc for sale was $85 now $3000. It's an antique after all. lmao.
  3. mike_s

    mike_s Solo Diver

    As far as most folks are concerned, yep. their dead. You can stick a fork in them.

    why? because you can't get parts for them and most folks won't buy something
    they can't get serviced.

    more like a relic... :)
  4. ScubaTexan

    ScubaTexan ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    I traded in my Dacor Fury first and second stage for a Mares MR-12 Proton -- they weren't going to be able to get parts for my Dacor.
  5. divejax

    divejax Dive Shop

    # of Dives:
    Location: Jacksonville Beach Florida
    No the Dacor line isnt dead. However, if you have one of the older Dacor's you might want to consider trading up to the Dacor Eagle's or one of the Mares reg's.
    The Dacor Eagle line is still alive and well and will continue to be so. I'm not sure about the others though. If you need Dacor service for the Eagles we can help and have plenty of parts.
  6. DivePartner1

    DivePartner1 Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: McLean, Virginia
    Since Mares acquired and then killed Dacor, why would anyone who was happy with Dacor ever buy from Mares, particularly with better, competively priced products on the market?
  7. steve2281

    steve2281 Barracuda

  8. Phil Mintz

    Phil Mintz Dive Equipment Manufacturer

    The news of Dacor's death has been greatly exagerated!

    Dacor is not dead, while we will not place a large emphasis on new products in the US, we will continue to sell and support the Eagle line of Reg's and certain BC models. Most of these will be offered by specific retailers as value/price oriented products. Parts are availible on all the products we are selling, we have also offered an upgrade program for those with older regs. The response has been tremendous, many have taked advantage of this offer.

    As for Mares killing Dacor, yes the Dacor result (purchasing a distressed company) of building it up did not workout for many reasons, including poor management (those persons are no longer with the company). Certainly it was not purchased to throw away, but we cannot change the past.

    As for not buying from Mares due to this: If you do not like us for the errors we made with Dacor, all I can say is I am sorry you feel this way. However many would disagree about not buying from us because there are better, competively priced products on the market. Mares is a one of the top dive manufacturers in the world and has some of the most innovative products and technologies on the market. I do not say this to create an argument with you, but let's criticize what deserves criticisim.

  9. Marek K

    Marek K Loggerhead Turtle

    How about parts availability for recent -- but now apparently disappearing -- Dacor products, like my Viper octopus? I bought it from ScubaToys last year, and they've now discontinued it...
  10. steve2281

    steve2281 Barracuda

    Are you referring to the LE line that was going to "revolutionize the diving world"??

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