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  1. Monitor oxygen as nitrogen
  2. High oxygen content question
  3. Leaving pony rigged between dive outings
  4. PADI Divemaster Tests
  5. Looking to learn equipment maintenance
  6. Argon in your dry suit?
  7. I don't get side mount?
  8. Hollis or DSS single tank wing.
  9. What do you look for in a dive training site?
  10. Quality of Air or Nitrox issue?
  11. Advanced Technology
  12. Why do people remove artifacts from wrecks?
  13. Advanced Open Water
  14. Question about Divemaster and logged dives.
  15. Full Face Mask
  16. pony vs large tank and h valve
  17. 5 dives in a day - 7 in a weekend
  18. Olympic II Wreck
  19. Naui air and Nitrox tables
  20. AL 80 as a pony
  21. DIN regulator coming loose underwater?
  22. PADI advanced diver skills
  23. A Recreational diver - looking for a "training list" to impruve my diving skills...?
  24. Did I do Right AOW
  25. GUE Quest magazine
  26. How much wetsuit
  27. looking for recommendations on SSI instructor training (not in asia)
  28. A dab of silicone grease on hose fittings?
  29. Remember the Dive Guard posting?
  30. Surveying new sites
  31. Service or sell a Regulator
  32. Regretting Instructor Training?
  33. how many volunteer hours to complete your dive con or assist instr "internship"
  34. When did you lose track?
  35. Rescue vs Self-Reliant
  36. Issues with one of the local shops.
  37. Solo Wreck Dive Video Palm Beach
  38. Does anyone have an example Suunto Cobra data file?
  39. What are your thoughts about our constant buoyancy BCD ?
  40. Hoseless computer alone or with backup
  41. Advance Training - Got what It Takes?
  42. Flashlight Primary and Backup location/setup
  43. AI Console and the SPG as a backup Setup
  44. Boat Dive Benches and Tank Racks
  45. Double Steel Tanks for Wreck Walking Specialty Course ????
  46. What is your Recommended online US Scuba Shop
  47. Diverite wing failure
  48. replacement advice for a Galileo Sol computer
  49. Rigging for slinging a stage bottle
  50. Question about how rebreathers are harnessed and worn.
  51. Sealed VS piston regulators.
  52. Console Recommendation
  53. Why do we worry about galvanic corrosion on stage bottle rigging but not on doubles ?
  54. Lycra skin or 1 mm wetsuit?
  55. Maximum number of dives a day - DCS
  56. Why is O2 used first to fill nitrox?
  57. What are the issues with diving after a hernia repair
  58. Pony Tank and Buoyancy/Trim
  59. Diving in Nuclear Missile Silos
  60. Backup Mask, Prescription or not?
  61. The deepest pool in the world
  62. Nitrox
  63. I FINALLY feel like a real diver!
  64. Donning Fins After Boat Exit
  65. LDS and Nitrox fills.
  66. Questionnaire about Artificial reefs for master's dissertation
  67. Q2 Erasable Magnetic Slate
  68. Navigating Via GPS
  69. Pompano Beach Scooter dive
  70. Ears - over a long dive trip
  71. How do you plan a dive with a less experienced (nervous) instabuddy?
  72. Paying for the privilege of working
  73. British wreck divers fined for retrieving artifacts
  74. How to back mount a pony?
  75. Trying to go full SS backplate
  76. Which light for recreational night diving?
  77. setting to nitrox to reduce over conservatism on dive computers
  78. Rights and Responsibilities Between Buddy Divers
  79. Does this really ever happen? How often has /does a regulator actually fail?
  80. How often does it really happen?
  81. DAN travel Insurance Availability
  82. Anyone else like shore dives?
  83. Suex Scooter Diving
  84. Couple questions on a pony bottle for bail out
  85. Kydex BP and doubles
  86. Harness rigging question
  87. Who sells dive rite air flex hoses individually?
  88. Do I need a STA with a Hollis ss plate?
  89. anyone using a regulator necklace?
  90. Set up for Maui
  91. Does it matter which SS plate I buy?
  92. Musing about trim
  93. Diver location markers.
  94. Inverted
  95. Pockets?
  96. Doppler Bubble Monitor -Do you own/use one?
  97. The big list of drills
  98. going up mountains after diving
  99. Seasickness Prevention. (Update)
  100. Compressibility of gas
  101. anyone used as a replacement for Scopace(TM) pills?
  102. TANK RE-PAINTING QUESTIONS - Galvanize paint option?
  103. Problems diving with other dive buddies
  104. Buoyancy and the math required
  105. Somethings wrong with this picture?
  106. How can I remain stable with this BCD??
  107. weighting question
  108. Question about pony bottles
  109. Interesting results of recent dives
  110. Best place to attach Glotoob for maximum visibility?
  111. Drysuit Size Clarification
  112. Unexpected rapid ascent
  113. Installing and using a Pee valve in a semi-dry wetsuit? Anyone have any feedback?
  114. Dive Insurance
  115. No Pockets where do you store stuff
  116. Reverse Patch Diving
  117. Nitrox: boat fill vs. membrane (shop) fill
  118. no adjustment on PO2 question
  119. Deep cave diving
  120. How many second stages when diving with a pony?
  121. Help with nomad wing
  122. Anyone have experience with GUE Rec 2&3 course?
  123. attaching octo via snap bolt
  124. The Tank Valve Feathering/Modulation Technique
  125. How shallow can planned wreck 'artificial reefs' be?
  126. Navigation Line Etiquette in Inland Lakes
  127. Freeflow, what would you do?
  128. PADI DM requirement and PADI standards
  129. I wish my instructor would have...
  130. Ascent Rate (SSI vs PADI)
  131. Instructors should take some advanced training as well. Yea or Nay? Does it matter?
  132. Car keys and water pressure
  133. Nitrox extends NDL but does it have other benefits?
  134. What's that noise?
  135. Question about sidemount protocols
  136. Frequency of replacement of HP hose to SPG
  137. Air-only vs. Nitrox-only submersible pressure gauge
  138. Beyond blind rote air management
  139. NITROX limitations?
  140. Powdered Oxygen vs Oxygen Cylinders for emergency Oxygen provision
  141. Setting computer to 21% when using 33%. Issues?
  142. Nitrox vs larger tank
  143. left post/right post selection/routing...
  144. Narcosis Pill??!!
  145. padi self reliant diver
  146. Some quick questions regarding doubles
  147. New NAUI Member
  148. What sets off your alarm bells?
  149. WOW new weighting system
  150. What is an "advanced" diver?
  151. Negative entry vs Using a downline
  152. Natural Sharks vs Park (Pigeon) Sharks?
  153. A conundrum
  154. Solo Diving Dissertation Questionnaire
  155. Training System: PADI vs. TDI
  156. Question about using a lift bag for redundant buoancy
  157. PPo2 Dive Time?
  158. Compressors for altitude diving
  159. Gear or training? what makes the diver?
  160. Pony/Redundant Bottle Size / Doing the Math / SAC Rate Assumptions question
  161. Nitrox - O2 Clean/Refilling
  162. Finally, the trilam suit - but what to put in the pockets?
  163. Please help me understand my computers conservatism : Nitek Q and Buhlmann ZLH16
  164. Nitrox Certification
  165. SPG Location?
  166. Question: Routing of solo harness strap in back plate
  167. Split from Deep diving advice ... The Exley side-bar
  168. Scuba Sales Round The Pool
  169. Best method to carry a 13 cu ft pony with reg
  170. Deep diving advice that goes against conventional thought?
  171. Equipment repair tech?
  172. questions about a drysuit
  173. Now that's a suit!
  174. What's more important?
  175. Which Rescue Class to take?
  176. "More" technical position
  177. GUE REC2 Course review, Anchorage Alaska (2/14/14 - 2/23/14)
  178. Question on Nitrox use with repetitive diving
  179. Dry suit advice - Hollis FX100 Biodry
  180. BP: Aluminum or SS?
  181. SSI advanced training for new diver.
  182. If buddy breathing fails, possible skills that should be taught?
  183. First time diving doubles and sidemount.
  184. Where Next?
  185. Why waste money on training!?
  186. Additional Training Programs
  187. My first ice dive
  188. Trim issues with steel 12l twins
  189. Ending Dive with 500psi
  190. High altitude diving question.
  191. How do I calculate my real SAC rate?
  192. Kayak Diving
  193. New tank throwing off my trim
  194. Was this kosher?
  195. Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG)
  196. Split Fins and Rescue Course
  197. Need help with horizontal trim
  198. Free Flow Incidents
  199. What did you learn on the wreck diving course?
  200. Using a dive computer with a seawater-only algorithm in fresh water
  201. What is the point of certifications?
  202. Computer Algorithms, Objective Evidence of Whether One is "Safer"
  203. V-Planner on a Mac Problem
  204. Swim throughs - what could possibly go wrong?
  205. Another Wednesday morning scooter dive
  206. Advise IDC course, please
  207. What is it like to dive with Argon?
  208. Critique this dive...
  209. The path to decompression
  210. What would you do?
  211. Water in BCD
  212. reg storage
  213. How to tow an unconscious diver 100 yrds in 4 min?
  214. Looking for info
  215. LDS Incompetence
  216. Dive Rite Nitek Q - VPM??
  217. Time between 130-foot dives?
  218. Suex xJoy 14
  219. Body fat Percentage.
  220. Thumbing the Dive
  221. Full on, and a little off
  222. Chasing paper? Or competence?
  223. Dive Shop Financials
  224. Snorkeling while on a "surface interval"
  225. Is the CNS loading 'half life' concept the result of a misunderstanding?
  226. KISS diving?
  227. What is the Shallowest Depth at which You Notice Narcosis?
  228. Tiny Doubles and Tech question
  229. Anxiety onset: "Experienced" diver
  230. As a rec diver, what to do if I breach my computer's NDL???
  231. More than "Advanced", but not really "Technical"
  232. %CNS per min
  233. I just don't log dives,why not?????
  234. Rescue class with Epic Divers (Grand Cayman)
  235. Hey thank you folks.
  236. FFM in Technical Diving
  237. Finishing OW cert in Cozumel
  238. Private rescue class
  239. WOW -drowning interesting thought provoking stuff
  240. Cost of PADI Rescue Diver Course
  241. Government Allocation of Helium?
  242. what are the official scuba ranks?
  243. Do you bring your light with you every dive?
  244. From BCD to BPW: The Evolution
  245. Location of Weights on Weight Belt
  246. Drills and exercises to stop knees dropping
  247. Cause of high consumption rate
  248. Deep stops for recreational diving
  249. Maintaining the Same Position
  250. Knife Mounted on BCD
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