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  1. So, just who is George Irvine III?????
  2. Twin Tanks
  3. Tech diving, equipment, awareness and too much too soon
  4. Basic decompression procedures
  5. *Please Read* Special Forum Rules / Terms of Service
  6. Beyond the Basics
  7. At what point do you consider redundancy?
  8. Nitrox discussion (Split from "Reasons not to use Enriched air" thread in Basic)
  9. roadmap OR what to do now
  10. Doing Deco Training next week in Dominican Republic
  11. More on Nitrox Safety - Toxing @1.4 - Myth or Fact?
  12. We need this.
  13. console or computer. Configuration enquire.
  14. Plan your dive, dive your plan?
  15. Learning doubles w/ Twin HP 120s?
  16. Changing the regulator configuration
  17. Any correlation to diving?
  18. Advice on M120's
  19. From NAUI Divemaster to PADI IDC???
  20. PST - are they back yet?
  21. Divemaster Question!
  22. Odd OxTox Question
  23. Mac Dive Planning Software?
  24. Diving on nitrox and air with the same regs?
  25. Occupational diver training?
  26. Why train as a DiveMaster?
  27. How to calculate appropriate wing size?
  28. EaNX and PPO2 of 1.6
  29. Can I get bent going to 2000' after a dive at sea level?
  30. PADI Nitrox Cert w/ NAUI Adv. Cert
  31. Possible to buddy dive from own boat?
  32. To go for AOW or not
  33. simple calculation
  34. PADI's min. age for Nitrox set in stone?
  35. Spiegel Grove Mix
  36. Wreck diving in New England
  37. Ready for drysuits?
  38. Learning Curve For Doubles
  39. Switching gas mixes at 100'
  40. SCUBA in SWEDEN?
  41. Basic question about NITROX
  42. Using Nitrox...
  43. Double bladder for a Halcyon back plate/harness??
  44. Exploded scuba cylinders
  45. What defines technical diving - and how to get there?
  46. Dive Rite STA bolts - where to buy?
  47. Preparing for GUE fundamentals and/or cavern class
  48. Define what constitutes a good instructor?
  49. I have a dream
  50. Gue fundies in seattle dec.11th
  51. Shooting a bag in AOW
  52. PerroneFord changed my thinking, n maybe even saved my life.
  53. New set -up as I hit the Big 50
  54. free flow regs
  55. Dive Site Maps - Resources?
  56. Best emergency Strobe option?
  57. The Long Hose With A Jacket BC
  58. I need a wing feedback
  59. Transitioning to doubles...
  60. Would you dive this profile?
  61. Scary instructor
  62. Rescue Diver, Thanks to the forum/thoughts and what next?
  63. Ditchable weights...are they needed and is there a minimum?
  64. Over the head donning of BC
  65. VR3 or Regular computer
  66. Poseidon Cyklon regs
  67. Nitrox gas separation
  68. Plz explain the math - HP single transfill to LP doubles
  69. Intro to Tech with Duane Johnson Sept 20-21, 2008
  70. Diving with computer in gauge mode
  71. Portable Recompression Chambers in Diving?
  72. Something not sound right about this?
  73. Ear Trouble Help!!!
  74. Buying a diving regulator
  75. Funding for divemaster course
  76. Best way to improve finning techniques?
  77. Becoming a DM?
  78. Nitrogen Psychosis
  79. Argon and Dry Suits -- How much warmer?
  80. Surface time 1 hour because of Microbubbles
  81. Nitrox - 1.40 or 1.60 PO2?
  82. Pony bottle mounting options?
  83. Schools of thoughts
  84. Pee valve vs. Depends?
  85. Side-mounting pros and cons for Open Water?
  86. Goodbye ponies
  87. What is this thing in my H-valve?
  88. Doubles wet - 80s 0r 120s?
  89. Intro to recreational deep diving
  90. Rescue Class Q & A - Avg Cost; Avg Format
  91. Using SMB For Backup Flotation
  92. How to become a commercial diver?
  93. Nitrox mix in pony bottle
  94. Ok, a serious question about balanced rigs
  95. How do you back up your computer?
  96. Different mixes and pony bottles
  97. Dixie Divers in Deerfield Beach FL????
  98. What's the best way to get a job?
  99. Getting into tech
  100. Why Nitrogen?
  101. Do I need gauges if I use an Air Integrated Computer?
  102. Head spins at depth
  103. What is the best way to scrape a hull?
  104. PADI Dry Suit Class
  105. Deco with too less air, options from the book
  106. Tables USN
  107. Jon Line
  108. scavengers
  109. Can't get away from a feet down position at depth
  110. Surface Decompression
  111. Twelve Pound Single Tank Adaptor!?
  112. AOW course question
  113. Report CEDIP *** + Adv. Nitrox Class, Nov. 2008
  114. Trying to figure something out
  115. Adding a Pony
  116. The 100 hour course thread
  117. Do tech divers and cave divers call their backup reg an octopus?
  118. How long does it take to complete the PADI divemaster course?
  119. Which is most dangerous: Dark Narc, Euphoric Narc, or "I'm just dumb" narc?
  120. How does the table math work?
  121. Technical Diving Webinar with John Chatterton
  122. VIP for Ponies?
  123. Requirements for becoming a Dive Master then Course Director
  124. Is H valve a good replacement for the pony?
  125. What is too much safety !!!
  126. Solo diving certification?
  127. help between scuba pro & oceanic delta 4
  128. Can a BC be used as a rebreather in an emergency?
  129. Night dive on New Moon?
  130. Finished a dive??? have extra air? Want to master bouyancy?
  131. Free dive planning software - any good?
  132. Short doubles
  133. O2 cleaning Hollis
  134. Scuba thieves and liars
  135. SMB, lift
  136. Dry Suits vs. "Dry Suits"
  137. PADI newest class offering
  138. Night lights
  139. Oceanic eos regulator reviews?
  140. Drysuit question
  141. Too old for tech?
  142. SAC rate & RMV
  143. Type 2 vs. Type 1 hit
  144. Erdp ml
  145. How small is your SAC?
  146. Breathing rate - too fast or slow?
  147. Hypothetical question about decompression
  148. Thoughts on these dive offerings
  149. Recap of Evolution CCR Training with Richie Kohler
  150. Coldest dive sites in USA
  151. How many cutting tools?
  152. Preparation reading for Divemaster?
  153. CNS and OTU's
  154. Why doubles AL40s instead of AL80 or HP80?
  155. Rock Bottom/Turn Pressure/Rule of xths for Doubles?
  156. Have You Ever Used A Cutting Tool In An Emergency Situation?
  157. What equipment failures have you seen underwater?
  158. Annual maintenance in the game of scuba toys
  159. Departure to fantasy?
  160. Ice Diving with wet suit?
  161. Weight configuration and trim
  162. Gear Options and Opinions
  163. Green moray bites diver's thumb OFF!
  164. Why can't you make a living as an Instructor?
  165. First doubles!
  166. Diving from Personal Boat??
  167. Which class towards advanced?
  168. Rescue Diver and the Case of the Missing Snorkel
  169. CPR/First Aid, DAN DEMP, and Rescue Diver
  170. 30# wing or 40# wing - still not clear...
  171. Why do the big OMS wings have 2 inflators?
  172. PEE valve dress routine?
  173. Ever dive with Jonathan Bird?
  174. Double bands
  175. PADI DM course physics summary?
  176. Naui master diver vs divemaster water skills?
  177. Nitrox tables/math
  178. Construction and Scuba
  179. Diving with Minor Injuries
  180. Manifold knob hits back of head
  181. Diving deep and cold
  182. Ear infections
  183. PADI OW Sidemount Diver
  184. Donating Blood
  185. DM for recreational diver?
  186. Single regulator manifold for double hose regulator?
  187. Rescue Diver
  188. Breathing from BC
  189. Rescue Questions
  190. Drysuit + Jacket BC
  191. learning to use doubles.
  192. Using regulator to ventilate apneic diver?
  193. Twins with only drysuit for buoyancy
  194. DRY GLOVES!!!!! opinions?
  196. NEED Instructor for DM class
  197. Narcosis
  198. Nitrox and repetitive dives, what mix first?
  199. Wings and integrated weight BC's - Are they dangerous?
  200. PADI AOW, but SSI EAN qual?
  201. New Course on U-Boat Diving
  202. Compare and Contrast PEE valves?
  203. Divemaster... PADI Vs. NAUI
  204. Panicked diver not exhaling during ascent?
  205. Nitrox training question
  206. Current is the Worst
  207. Fills in rural areas: Fire service? Hospitals?
  208. Nitrox and Second stage
  209. Taking PADI DM Course coming from NAUI
  210. Narcosis Managing Techniques
  211. Choosing gear, weight, and buoyancy
  212. Why not 60% O2 for prof during OW?
  213. Sonar dive tracking system
  214. 300 foot deep hotel
  215. How much experience does your instructor have?
  216. Free flow - what else happens?
  217. Help me pick another specialty
  218. DM and IDC questions
  219. Gas algorithms
  220. Research/Science Diver
  221. Specialty Questions
  222. Where to Start With Instructor Development?
  223. O 2 provider course
  224. Drysuit
  225. Shallow Decompression Dives
  226. Breathing
  227. Does extreme cold water diving call for fully redundant regulators?
  228. True & frustrating
  229. Regulator malfunction or just a normal occurance at 130ft?
  230. Nitrox Max/Contingency Depth Formula
  231. Which classes should I take?
  232. PADI or SSI
  233. Deepest ever emergency swimming ascent?
  234. PADI Divemaster Certification Advice
  235. Nitrox!
  236. Looking for 100% O2 Pressure Gauge
  237. upgrading OC wrist mount computer NiTek X ?
  238. Under water welding
  239. Non-technical dive-planning software?
  240. umbilical air pressure?
  241. Deploying SMB
  242. How to pick a second regulator system when going doubles?
  243. What should be done with unconcious diver at depth?
  244. Dive computers
  245. Scuba math
  246. How do you survey a new dive site?
  247. 30 cu ft pony: Weight?
  248. Double Ponies?
  249. Harness&Backplate -vs- BC
  250. Drysuit diving
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