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  1. Freeflow, what would you do?
  2. PADI DM requirement and PADI standards
  3. I wish my instructor would have...
  4. Ascent Rate (SSI vs PADI)
  5. Just an FYI for those considering advanced training with me this season.
  6. Instructors should take some advanced training as well. Yea or Nay? Does it matter?
  7. Car keys and water pressure
  8. Nitrox extends NDL but does it have other benefits?
  9. What's that noise?
  10. Question about sidemount protocols
  11. Frequency of replacement of HP hose to SPG
  12. Air-only vs. Nitrox-only submersible pressure gauge
  13. Beyond blind rote air management
  14. NITROX limitations?
  15. Powdered Oxygen vs Oxygen Cylinders for emergency Oxygen provision
  16. Setting computer to 21% when using 33%. Issues?
  17. Nitrox vs larger tank
  18. left post/right post selection/routing...
  19. Narcosis Pill??!!
  20. padi self reliant diver
  21. Some quick questions regarding doubles
  22. New NAUI Member
  23. What sets off your alarm bells?
  24. WOW new weighting system
  25. What is an "advanced" diver?
  26. Negative entry vs Using a downline
  27. Natural Sharks vs Park (Pigeon) Sharks?
  28. A conundrum
  29. Solo Diving Dissertation Questionnaire
  30. Training System: PADI vs. TDI
  31. Question about using a lift bag for redundant buoancy
  32. PPo2 Dive Time?
  33. Compressors for altitude diving
  34. Gear or training? what makes the diver?
  35. Pony/Redundant Bottle Size / Doing the Math / SAC Rate Assumptions question
  36. Nitrox - O2 Clean/Refilling
  37. Finally, the trilam suit - but what to put in the pockets?
  38. Please help me understand my computers conservatism : Nitek Q and Buhlmann ZLH16
  39. Nitrox Certification
  40. SPG Location?
  41. Question: Routing of solo harness strap in back plate
  42. Split from Deep diving advice ... The Exley side-bar
  43. Scuba Sales Round The Pool
  44. Best method to carry a 13 cu ft pony with reg
  45. Deep diving advice that goes against conventional thought?
  46. Equipment repair tech?
  47. questions about a drysuit
  48. Now that's a suit!
  49. What's more important?
  50. Which Rescue Class to take?
  51. "More" technical position
  52. GUE REC2 Course review, Anchorage Alaska (2/14/14 - 2/23/14)
  53. Question on Nitrox use with repetitive diving
  54. Dry suit advice - Hollis FX100 Biodry
  55. BP: Aluminum or SS?
  56. SSI advanced training for new diver.
  57. If buddy breathing fails, possible skills that should be taught?
  58. First time diving doubles and sidemount.
  59. Where Next?
  60. Why waste money on training!?
  61. Additional Training Programs
  62. My first ice dive
  63. Trim issues with steel 12l twins
  64. Ending Dive with 500psi
  65. High altitude diving question.
  66. How do I calculate my real SAC rate?
  67. Kayak Diving
  68. New tank throwing off my trim
  69. Was this kosher?
  70. Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG)
  71. Split Fins and Rescue Course
  72. Need help with horizontal trim
  73. Free Flow Incidents
  74. What did you learn on the wreck diving course?
  75. Using a dive computer with a seawater-only algorithm in fresh water
  76. What is the point of certifications?
  77. Computer Algorithms, Objective Evidence of Whether One is "Safer"
  78. V-Planner on a Mac Problem
  79. Swim throughs - what could possibly go wrong?
  80. Another Wednesday morning scooter dive
  81. Advise IDC course, please
  82. What is it like to dive with Argon?
  83. Critique this dive...
  84. The path to decompression
  85. What would you do?
  86. Water in BCD
  87. reg storage
  88. How to tow an unconscious diver 100 yrds in 4 min?
  89. Looking for info
  90. LDS Incompetence
  91. Dive Rite Nitek Q - VPM??
  92. Time between 130-foot dives?
  93. Suex xJoy 14
  94. Body fat Percentage.
  95. Thumbing the Dive
  96. Full on, and a little off
  97. Chasing paper? Or competence?
  98. Dive Shop Financials
  99. Snorkeling while on a "surface interval"
  100. Is the CNS loading 'half life' concept the result of a misunderstanding?
  101. KISS diving?
  102. What is the Shallowest Depth at which You Notice Narcosis?
  103. Tiny Doubles and Tech question
  104. Anxiety onset: "Experienced" diver
  105. As a rec diver, what to do if I breach my computer's NDL???
  106. More than "Advanced", but not really "Technical"
  107. %CNS per min
  108. I just don't log dives,why not?????
  109. Rescue class with Epic Divers (Grand Cayman)
  110. Hey thank you folks.
  111. FFM in Technical Diving
  112. Finishing OW cert in Cozumel
  113. Private rescue class
  114. WOW -drowning interesting thought provoking stuff
  115. Cost of PADI Rescue Diver Course
  116. Government Allocation of Helium?
  117. what are the official scuba ranks?
  118. Do you bring your light with you every dive?
  119. From BCD to BPW: The Evolution
  120. Location of Weights on Weight Belt
  121. Drills and exercises to stop knees dropping
  122. Cause of high consumption rate
  123. Deep stops for recreational diving
  124. Maintaining the Same Position
  125. Knife Mounted on BCD
  126. Back kick in splits - possible? Feasible?
  127. Frog Kick Blues
  128. Concerns About Length of Open Water Course
  129. NAUI Master Diver vs NAUi Divemaster
  130. Is guided diving bad for developing skills?
  131. Eyes, don't fail me now
  132. Torso gets cold when diving
  133. drysuit techniques and deco stops
  134. atomic z2
  135. Dry Suit Decision
  136. Divers find man alive in sunken tugboat
  137. No Ditchable Weights on my rig - Advice please.
  138. PADI Deep Diver Course Prerequisites
  139. Warm Feet in a dry suit
  140. Nitrogen Narcosis, what's up with that?
  141. CNS O2 exposure
  142. Dumb Things I've Done
  143. Beginners Guide to Wreck Diving
  144. Help! Cannot reach valves with thick undergarments!
  145. How to progress to twin tanks?
  146. Interesting that this was on c|net
  147. NAUI Open Water II = AOW?
  148. Ripped off for my AOW training
  149. Hand signals
  150. Hypoxic mixes and density
  151. Running My Drysuit Tight
  152. Uk Instructor - Working around the world advice - Thailand etc
  153. how many carry their own o2 on charter boats
  154. Fischer connection
  155. How low with spare air
  156. Diving nitrox when you don't own an analyzer
  157. "Sink Analogy" for explaining deco physiology
  158. SDI "Advanced Adventure" vs "Advanced Diver Development"
  159. Redundant buoyancy in warm weather
  160. Possible to remain completely neutral when deploying SMB?
  161. What Drives a Dive Business to Choose an Agency?
  162. Trim/buoyancy conundrum
  163. Doing my DM & Instructors
  164. Female divers help please!
  165. Just got two new certs!
  166. Best knot for bungee/shock cord
  167. Advanced Nitrox Course
  168. FINALLY......cavern certified !! thx BlueLife
  169. Butt Plate
  170. Scuba pro MK10
  171. what do you consider an advanced dive?
  172. Any ice diving advice?
  173. Dry Suit P-Valve Question
  174. DIR Divemaster?
  175. Should we get pony bottles?
  176. SPG routed with BC inflator
  177. dive shop wants advanced nitrox for mixes other than 32 or 36
  178. Which IDC to Choose From
  179. Pony Bottle Selection
  180. Drysuit venting -
  181. attempt a world record ??
  182. Instructor BCD? What not to buy?!
  183. Just got my Advanced Open Water certification!
  184. Instructor dating DM, would I tell students?
  185. LP Inflator hose on pony ?
  186. Spare dive computer with comparable algorithm?
  188. Why shouldn't we hold our breath underwater?
  189. an object lesson in humility
  190. Diving with Sperm whales
  191. Dealing with a buddy's decisions
  192. CCR max depth?
  193. Need memory tricks for Science of Diving
  194. "Oxygen clock" vs "CNS clock"...when did that happen?
  195. Bring unresponsive diver to surface upside down??
  196. Dry top snorkels
  197. Newly Certified Rescue Diver - Question
  198. Living in an RV Travelling the Country - Need a 1 size fits most solution for tanks.
  199. Any book recommendation for equipment and gas blender?
  200. A little piece on self-assessment
  201. PADI Wreck Diver Course
  202. Dive computer
  203. The Vagaries of Trim
  204. FINALLY !!! meet SSI's newest pro
  205. Who just got AOW Certified?
  206. Most Redundant OC SCUBA?
  207. DIY Reg reconfiguration
  208. Difference in planned Depth time - 2 computers (both Mares Puck)
  209. Scientific Diving and Associated Gear
  210. Oxygen toxicity question
  211. Milestone Reached - Master Scuba Diver
  212. NITROX manual in electronic format?
  213. Best Nitrox Mix/ Profile at 100'
  214. Long term dive insurance
  215. Insurance for long term travel
  216. CNS Daily O2 limits and Rec only diving.
  217. No Fly Time?
  218. Descent Rate Limitation of 75 ft/min
  219. Old O2 Sensor?
  220. Luxfer or Catalina Tanks..
  221. How conservative is the PPO2 Limit
  222. Need a new dive computer
  223. "Dive Medic" ???
  224. Still trying to balance my rig...suggestions?
  225. Drysuit and Wing inflator hose routing with doubles. . .
  226. Drysuit diving
  227. Assessing DCI risk factors and adjusting dive plans
  228. Tech-Oriented programs... putting together the schedule for 2014
  229. Old mini Hammerhead signaling device, do you remember it
  230. Tank Moist Air Intrusion during venting
  231. Need clarification on my dive computer settings and algorithms (vs Dive Planner)
  232. Cutting Tools
  233. Horizontal trim
  234. Air Embolism In Shallow Water
  235. My new dive buggy!!!
  236. Nitrox MOD and time
  237. Nitrox and Narcosis
  238. Nitrox bottom time
  239. Diving at the bottom of a waterfall
  240. Replacing Transpac XT on Surfface
  241. Wreck Diving Cert
  242. SCUBA Gear Assembly - Lubrication Choice
  243. Fundies Course Report 22rd-25th August
  244. Let's track CO analysis 5ppm or higher.
  245. Narcosis Properties of Different Gases
  246. Question about no fly time
  247. To the pilots out there.......Flying 2 hrs after diving, but only to 1500 ft. OK?
  248. PADI Nitrox and CNS Clock
  249. Dive computers and 3 dives in a day with different gases
  250. Collecting Narcosis Stories

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