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Thread: 3mm wetsuit for diving in the Bahamas?



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    Question 3mm wetsuit for diving in the Bahamas?

    I'm going to be in the Bahamas the first week of June. I am going to be on a liveaboard dive boat doing 3-4 dives daily for a week. Should I get a 3mm wetsuit or should I go with a shorty? I was told by one person to go with a shorty, and by another to go with the 3mm wetsuit.
    What should I get?

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    While tolerance to cold varies tremendously from person to person, I'd suggest:
    Find out what the water temps are going to be (realizing that it would be a wild guess, but it's a start) and see how that relates to your own personal experience at those temps..
    That said, I'd go with the 3mm because I'm a warm water wimp (although I did wear a 1 mm in the Bahamas last August,and was fine-2 dives per day) and because, if you are too warm with the 3mm, you can always flush the suit during the dive. If you go with the shortie and are chilly-no similar option.

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    I would never suggest a shorty. Mainly due to Jellyfish and their pretty much invisible offspring. Both will sting, and do you really want to be worried what is stinging your legs when you are in the water?

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    I concur with miked and Dr Dog. It's impossible to gauge your tolerance for cold, but in the absence of data (your personal experience), body fat might be a decent proxy. A 3-mm should be enough for most people in the Bahamas in June. I'd expect water temperatures of about 80˚F. If you're fat, you might be more comfortable in a 1.5-mm, 1-mm, or skin. Shorties are a bad idea, for the reasons mentioned, but you can layer one over a skin if you already have one. Don't buy one. A 3-mm is the safest bet.
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    I went diving in the Bahamas on March 2, 2012 and last year July 2011 did dives with Stuart Cove, and Bahama Divers, they wear long 3mils so I learned from them buy a 3 mil long and save yourself the headache stay confortable and enjoy your diving worry free. Then you can come to Dutch Springs and either put a drysuit or a 7 mil in the Quarry. Enjoy your dive and be safe, always be safe and a 3 mil is being safe. Good luck, and Happy Diving. Please see Youtube est1022.
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