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Thread: How do you keep your console/spg accessible and out of the way?


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    Quote Originally Posted by gurnie View Post
    I see it as a pretty serious entanglement hazzard, and a barrier to ditching the rig effectively. I have had to remove gear from divers on the surface and the cross connecting the spg to the opposite side makes it darn near impossible..
    How impossible is it to undo a clip? Clips are pretty simple devices ... and certainly something that someone with an instructor rating should be able to figure out without difficulty.

    And entanglement hazard ??? Please ... if the HP hose is long enough to reach across the chest, clipping it on the left would leave a large loop outside the plane of the diver that would not only present an even greater entanglement hazard, but would increase drag on the diver.

    Threads like this always fall back on what works for one individual ... with one specific type of equipment. The reality is there is no "best" way that works for everyone. It depends on your equipment and, to a large degree, personal preferences. What works best for you will depend on a few factors ...

    - How long is your HP hose? They come "standard" in varying lengths depending on the regulator you buy ... usually somewhere between 24" and 36". Shorter hoses clip nicely to the left side, but are pretty difficult for compass work if the compass is attached to the console. Longer hoses make it easier to hold a console out so you can use the compass effectively, but tend to leave bulging loops if you clip them off on the left.

    - What style of BCD are you wearing? What are your available options for D-rings or other attachment points? How will using those attachment points affect your ability to access the console and reconnect it easily?

    - What type of gauges are you using? Does your console contain all of them, or do you wear some on your wrist? If so, what?

    Nobody can tell you what will work best for you without seeing your gear ... they can only tell you what works best for them with the gear they use.

    My advice is to try a few different approaches. Try them first on land while wearing your gear ... including your mask and gloves (if you normally wear gloves) to see how well it's going to work for you. Then take it diving, where you're going to be horizontal and where the water density and movement will affect what the console does. Someone mentioned bungee ... using a bungee or surgical tubing to pull the console in close to your body may work well for you ... again, depending on available attachment points and the type of console you're using. And yes, you certainly DO want to ask yourself how easily you could disconnect the console if you needed to get out of your rig in the water ... or if someone else had to take if off of you for some reason. So avoid anything that's not obvious, or is too convoluted ... it needs to release in one motion, and be readily visible to another diver what would need to be done.

    As you can see from this thread, there are tons of ideas. Which is better for you really depends on the application ...

    ... Bob (Grateful Diver)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DukeAMO View Post
    I have the Suunto console and compass. I'll check into the DSS mount, thanks.

    This: Suunto CB - Double in line | Suunto
    The SK7 compass in that console is what I have. The DSS mount for it works great.

    I hate consoles, and would rip that thing apart today if it were mine - but I know how to do this, if you don't get help so you don't break your stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by mathauck0814 View Post
    every time you're unclipping this, looking at it, and reclipping it you're risking trapping the long hose and making donation an issue.
    There's no need to unclip it, however. Indeed, one my favorite things about the left shoulder location is that the console is visible with only a downward glance. When I do longer, deeper dives with planned hangs and use a brass&glass SPG/bottom timer, I do put the SPG on the left hip--it works best there. For rec dives, my console computer seems to work best up on the shoulder

    Anyway, enough debate on gear config for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Storker View Post
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    I clip my spg to a D ring located on my right shoulder strap with a brass snap clip. I route the hose under my arm and across my body. My spg is close to my body and to view my pressure all I have to do is look down.

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    I like to use one of these snaps on my left hip:

    Name:  be_hoseclip.jpg
Views: 208
Size:  26.1 KB
    I can run my hose over my left shoulder and clip it off and it lies flat against me, if I want to look at it there's enough articulation that I can slide the clip up the hose enough to allow me to lift the gauge up to my face.

    Ive also been known to just tuck the gauge under my waist strap, under and across the chest, under and up to the shoulder depending on what im doing and what im wearing.

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    use whatever works for you. With clips on the VCR, you set it up so you don't need top undo the clip at all. The clip and console remain attached to your bcd at All times; you just rotate the console so you can read the face

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    My computer's on a retractor, clipped across my chest to the right D-ring. I can read it just by glancing down, and when I want to use my compass, I just pull it out in front of me. I was thinking some today about the extra step in gear removal (currently taking rescue class), but a) the clip is easy to undo, totally standard, and b) the hose is just long enough to just pull over my head anyway. I'll likely leave it this way, as it's super convenient, but I do mention it in buddy checks.

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    I actually found a retractor that woks. It has sufficient tension to hold the gauge console and yet allow easy access. The key is to spend a few dollars to get one with enough "beef." Cheaper items are ok for a compass, but not a console. I don't recall the manufacturer but I bought it at Diver's Direct in Florida a few years back. My wife also uses one and likes it very much. Before the retractor, I had a lightweight 'beaner on the console and clipped it to a D ring, which was ok too,.

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    My current retractor has enough tension to hold the console; it's more the length of the hose that allows it to dangle from the retractor. And the hose is just long enough to hold the compass in front of me.

    For the moment, I think that routing it back up to a chest D-ring instead of the hip D-ring might help. And I can remove the compass and get a shorter hose before long.

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    I have a console on a high left chest retractor. It does not drag, does not interfere with BC removal, is easy to reach and easy to see. The retractor cable is seldom extended unless I want to use the compass. The retractors with stainless steel cables do not last forever, however, so I carry a spare on every trip.

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