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Try Scuba Accident..what happens next?

Discussion in 'Scuba Related Court Cases' started by Alexx007, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Rred

    Rred Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: In a safe place
    The "agency's" role in any accident is simply that they presumably train and credential the independent shop which is using their logo. Their only legal responsibility might be one of whether they properly credentialed the staff involved, which one hopes is normal.

    Now, they probably could and should also keep an "incident report" and when a pattern of unacceptable incidents occurs with any person or shop, invalidate their credentials. And as is usual in "franchise" licensing, ban them from stating they are certified, ban then from using the agency's name and logo.
  2. loosenit2

    loosenit2 Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 0 - 24
    Location: Texas
    Agencies role should be in quality control of their brand. Incidents like these have much more at stake than just legal repercussions; impacts include PR and marketing that can fundamentally impact the business. Agencies have a responsibility to protect their "brand" and thereby shield other franchise owners. Because of this agencies should self police through investigation and appropriate action. To not do so is to invite disaster to their business.
  3. Alexx007

    Alexx007 Angel Fish

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: World
    Now that I see it is public...

    Murió una argentina en Tailandia durante un bautismo de buceo

    Sorry, most of the articles are in Spanish.
    There is no English translation I can find yet. In short, the death of a 39-year-old Argentinian during a Try Dive at Koh Tao in Thailand.

    It is said she was separated from the group. She was spotted by other divers from the surface and was found in about 7 meters of water without her reg in her mouth. The investigation is still going on.
  4. Steve_C

    Steve_C Divemaster

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Raleigh, NC USA
    I personally think that doing discover scuba with anything more than 1:1 in a real ocean environment is opening oneself to problems and clients to risks. The agencies may allow more but they cover themselves by putting the responsibility on the instructor to limit to 1:1 (or abort) if conditions so dictate.
  5. Alexx007

    Alexx007 Angel Fish

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: World
    From what I've heard the investigation is closed. If there ever was one by SSI.... They make way too much money off this dive center....
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  6. wetb4igetinthewater

    wetb4igetinthewater Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Seattle
    And that's why I don't think anything will come out of it. But I'm cynical. Anyone who has been around more than a month knows that.
  7. Alexx007

    Alexx007 Angel Fish

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: World
    Sadly, probably not.
    The instructor is still working, albeit on another island, for the same dive center.

    Having working on this island I have seen their quality of instructors at this particular dive centre. Most of them having gone the 0 to hero route not in a good way.

    Do we know if it was the instructors fault? No.
    But it should certainly be investigated to see how and why it happened, and how to avoid it in the future.
  8. Miyaru

    Miyaru Tech Instructor

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: EU
    This is the instructors story. Translated by facebook, I guess the he/she him/her inconsistencies are errors in translation

    I am nahuel martino, the instructor who accompanied rocío in the baptism of diving in which unfortunately and unfortunately for her, for her family, her friends, her acquaintances, for the two boys who accompanied the dive and for me ended with her life .

    First of all three reasons why I didn't talk before, in the first place I couldn't do it, even if it sounds amazing I've been and I'm from the moment of the fact with a knot in the throat, a regret in the mood, a Meaning to my life and what I do, that leaves me speechless and sinks into a sadness I've never had before I can only do it after receiving the support of friends and family who helped me to say what I feel and happens to me. And even if I speak and speak I know that it is practically impossible to achieve that a person who has not been in my position understand me and dimensione my pain, since this fact not only has taken the innocent life of rocío but I feel that a part of me He died forever.
    Second I did not want to talk before or answer anything that is being said for respect to rocio and his family, with which I had, I have and will have permanent contact, who did not want this misfortune to become something massive or much less What is happening now with a lot of people talking about what happened and saying what is being said. This puts me in the obligation to speak, since today writing behind a computer or a cell phone can do it any person with the most facilities, and even more if it is to hurt and talk without knowing about a Subject as delicate as in this case is the tragic death of Rocio. And third for the research that is taking place.

    Before I talk about the accident itself, I have to clarify some things that are being said to be malicious lies. I am the first one who understands the pain of the family, friends and close to rocío, since I am having a very bad time like never before had happened in my life with everything happened (this is not to give pity or much less but for Let everyone know that I am also a human being and I have shattered feelings. The day that was presented to rocío to the island, I was in need of chatting with them and telling them what had happened, but when they arrived to the island they came with an attitude not very friendly to school (and while I understand it already That instead I, I could have acted in the same way, I thought it convenient not to talk to them at that time and situation as it would not be very positive for either part.

    Another thing to clarify is that I was not present when the ashes of rocío to the sea were thrown, because at no time the people who threw them wanted that to happen, the family had told me that I could be present and even wanted me to be One of the people who threw them into the sea, so I could say goodbye to her (I think maybe it would have helped me to get a little back
    Another point also that is being said is that I'm working on koh Phi Phi and koh lipe (other two islands of Thailand) that's a lie too since since the accident happened I didn't go diving or working, nor doing it for hobby, I don't If I have the strength again. And the family of sprayed knows very well where I am and what I'm doing.

    With the diving related, I made all the protocol we always do, say a theoretical class of 40 minutes where I explain the operation of the team, talk about Boyle's law, how to compensate for the air spaces both of our body and The diving team, the rules of diving, the buoyancy, of how we were going to go under the water, which distance to keep each other, signs and exercises to perform. Before jumping into the water already on the boat, explain again the team (these were prepared by me and they were getting familiar with it) I made them open the tank, to check the air, to breathe by the two regulators, that swell and Deshinchen the vest, try the mask and get equipped, all this under my supervision. It should also be noted that this I did with the two baptisms, there was a third person who was already open water and was accompanying the dive and she before had mounted her team, also under my supervision. Before we jump into the water we did a peer checkup and went to the water jumping first. The first dive ended correctly, doing all the exercises that must be done in this type of case at a depth of 1 Meter and a half, and both rocio and the two people who accompanied us were overcome correctly, after That's what we went to the surface I spoke again with the 3 of how to go underwater, highlight the buoyancy and went diving. The first dive was perfect, it's more rocío thanked me a lot since he told me he was in a stage of his life where he was proposing to do new things and he was challenging himself and gave me a hug that I will never forget. With regard to the second dive (which was the accident) we did the same, change the team of the 3, I checked everything and then they also checked the team and went to the water. This diving was a 36 minute dive, where at minute 14 of diving rocio makes me the sign that he wants to go up, we're going up (we were 4 meters deep) and he tells me that I had caught a laugh attack and had the feeling of having water in my mouth, and I say that with the regulator in the mouth can laugh without problems that will not enter water, after this i ask if I wanted to follow , that we were next to the boat, that there was no problem that we had already dived and if I wanted we could cancel diving, which she answers to me that as we will cancel if she was having a great time and I was enjoying it a lot, I answer nahuel if I'm sure, I want to follow.
  9. Miyaru

    Miyaru Tech Instructor

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: EU

    We go back down, and we continue to dive 18 more minutes, in which rocio did not show me any kind of fears, it's more the last time you see the air the 3 had 110 bars in the bottle, symptom of The 3 were consuming the same air, so no one came hyperventilating (breathing a lot, symptom of nervousness or panic), apart from the 3 they had a normal respiratory rhythm. Another thing that should be highlighted is that all the immersion went with the buoy, since it is a place where the waters are shallow and usually pass boats by the dive point (the maximum depth of diving was 9 meters). It was already finishing the dive and we were already going back to the boat with the boys, when I ask the 3 if they were okay (OK), the 3 answer me that yes and I turn to see where we came from An instructor doesn't want to take away a whole coral reef or get lost, must look where he goes from time to time and lose sight of the student for seconds, that's what I did, actually look up since he felt the engine From a boat (the engine was on as the boats have compressors and are loading tanks, it's just the engine) and I didn't want to start a climb under a diving boat, and when I turn again (5-7 seconds) I find myself With that rocio was not, so I ask the two guys who came with me and next to her in case she had seen it and they say no, so I start to do the tour we were doing in the opposite direction and not the Meeting for which I start the ascent with my other two students, when I get to surface I give notice to the boat that I had missed a student and consult if they saw bubbles near me, to what they tell me that yes, so i decide to descend Let's see if it was her, and unfortunately it wasn't, when I went out to surface Rocio was being dragged to the boat by a partner of mine who had found it without the regulator in the mouth at the bottom of the sea about 6 meters The Mask had it on) in another direction we were coming (by the calculations we make she may have been loss from 3 TO 5 minutes, not 15 as I read on some sides), I close to her I took the team along with a partner and uploaded it to the boat. On the boat already my colleagues had the o2 prepared and had called koh tao rescue and began to perform first aid along with two doctors who had on the boat that were students.
    What was it that happened with certainty? The truth is that it's something that rocio took with her unfortunately. What do I think was what happened? It's something I wonder every day of my life since I passed the fact, what I think is that he followed another group that we just crossed under the water, which was in the direction of mine, that's why when I turn around I was next to me, not to the other students and I also didn't find it when I came back in the direction we were coming, but it's not something we can discuss between us as we don't know what
    It's seconds. There are many factors. It's the sea. It's a risk activity and everyone claims (and sign) that they are aware of it before starting.
    There are responsibilities?? Sure yes, and I feel responsible for turning those seconds and not being able to see what rocio was doing and I will regret it all my life, those seconds changed my life forever (also ended with the life of rocio And change the life of all your loved ones, that's also clear.
    It could have been different?? I'm sure many would have managed it better, lately I read a lot of eminence of diving issuing wise trials without knowing what had happened or dived in their life, and not diving in koh tao.
    Since I passed the accident I was with her at all times, both on the boat, and in the hospitals of Koh Samui and Bangkok. That when I went to samui I had been told that she had improved and even took the mate because she had told me that she loved the mate and I really wanted to take some math, which unfortunately I couldn't take them and i wish in another life, if There is, we can take them. Also saying that at all times in the hospitals was one of the owners of the diving school and one of the managers along with me, who accompanied rocio at all times.
    To introduce me to the police and I declared together with the two boys who accompanied the immersion, and other professionals of the school. That I called the consulate to communicate about the accident and I sat down to talk to the consul face to face and we were in permanent contact, that I have communication with the family and is aware of this communiqué and gave the view good for it to broadcast, That is against everything that is going on and the dirty disclosure that is having the unfortunate accident.
    I never hide, I've always been in touch with the consulate, the police and the family. I'm not a killer as they are saying by social networks, they don't have an idea of how bad I'm going through, I'm also a person and I have feelings, family and reputation, it's very easy to attack anonymously behind a computer, create To Hurt, and while at one point I can put myself in place of the real ones who have sprayed in their initial reaction to several weeks of what happened I can't assume they want to twist, lie, manipulate information, play with the misfortune of a person for Commercial purposes, sink to a diving school and make it grow another (this last is not directed for the friends and family of rocío that I reiterate I understand and share all your pain, but for those people who seek an economic interest behind a death and Play with the misfortune of people to make economic returns.
    Diving is a beautiful activity, which made me leave my country, my family and my friends to dedicate myself to it and today gives me the worst anguish I could have imagined to feel. It's a safe discipline but there are also accidents, which I know are not very common but it is an activity called risk, and unfortunately these things happen and unfortunately it happened to rocio and me that I am the instructor with which she was going, but I have to understand that it could have happened to anyone who practice a risk sport.
    His death has surface me, I understand that it is an irreparable loss for family and close to rocio, I put myself in his place and I have it more than clear and I am the first that is very bad for what happened, but they don't seem a Killer? Don't you think it's too much to judge without knowing? It's the life of a person who was lost, it's not a football match where there's a winner as they claim some and a loser, here we lost all because rocio is not more and they don't know how much but how much I'm sorry and Of all this. I really appreciate the presence and accompaniment of all the professionals and friends of the school of diving pura vida, their attitude is courageous and very little view in the environment where the common is that at the time of looking for blame the thread is cut by the thinner, The instructor. I also thank all the people who wrote to me and is present at all times and help me to follow forward, really thank you!
    I am very sorry for what happened and I am totally destroyed, I accompany the family in this ugly moment that must be happening, and I am at the disposal of them for whatever they need and know it since I talk to them, I also put myself in the The relatives and friends who are making this accident their own cause and accompany the pain of them but not the ways to handle it, even though they may have understood it in a first moment. What I don't understand is those people who seek to do wrong, filling heads, making calls to do wrong, I don't understand those people who speak without knowing, judge and also seek to hurt.
    I will take you with me always ro, I will remember you every day of my life, your smile and those eyes will never forget me again in life, hopefully we can take those math at some point, and as someone told me Family "stay with the last smile of rocío, for something I give it to you", I will take it with me always.
    Nahuel Oscar Martino.
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  10. divinh

    divinh Photographer

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: San Francisco
    @Miyaru : Thanks for posting this.

    Koh Tao bays can get pretty busy during peak season. The bays are full of boats from all the various dive shops and it can get pretty confusing as to which group you're with if you're not paying 100% attention. There's a lot of crisscrossing of dive groups.

    On one particular fun dive, we entered the bay and I was impressed that the instructor found our boat. There were so many! I was too busying making sure I was doing the right things (having just completed AOW) to notice what the boat bottoms looked like in comparison to each other; rather, it wasn't an important thing I thought I needed to know. (Now I take note.)

    After boarding the boat, we had very little air left due to fighting a current. As we waited for the other divers to board, one of the DM's said he was missing a diver. My instructor immediately went back in with fins to help search. I searched from the boat. After what felt like 10-15 minutes, I saw a diver surface alone, way down the bay, away from all the boats and almost leaving the bay. I pointed and my instructor made a swim for her.

    I happened to have dinner plans with her that evening so I asked her what happened. She explained that she lost the group she was with and then just followed the reef until she felt she searched long enough. She did her safety stop and surfaced. So, searching for a minute (if it was only that), then three minutes for the safety stop, would probably have felt like ages for everyone else searching for her.

    I can sympathize with this instructor, having been in the same locale and witnessing a lost diver due to circumstances of the dive site.

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