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What is the importance of diving gear bag?

Discussion in 'Gear Bags and Cases' started by mariah, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. driftwood

    driftwood Loggerhead Turtle

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: Central Texas
    Hi Mariah,

    First, welcome to diving!

    Unless I am doing either a cleanup or sample collection (mostly water samples), I never have a "bag" with me on a dive.

    I use a Stahlsac bag on boat dive to both carry and organize my gear. Long story short, first used is the last packed (scuba package, BCD, regs, weights). Second is the Snorkel package, fins and mask (I don't wear a snorkel on a dive). Third is your exposure package, wet/drysuit, hood, booties, gloves. Last assembled, first packed.

    Over time, you will develop your own predive ritual and become more organized.
  2. Sbiriguda

    Sbiriguda Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 25 - 49
    Location: Italy
    Get a robust and water resistant plastic bag, like this one:

    If it's ok for you, no need to buy anything else and you save like 200 Euros (this one is worth 0,7 Euros)
    Otherwise, if you feel uncomfortable step up to something different
    This is no joke, in Italy plenty of people use large plastic bags, or large hard plastic boxes designed for construction workers who carry debris or for farmers who harvest grapes in the vineyards. The latter locally is called "banastra" and it's kind of a standard box to carry scuba gear
    For me the only reason to buy a scuba bag is that some of them are like trolley bags and have wheels
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  3. Shasta_man

    Shasta_man Loggerhead Turtle

    @outofofficebrb I think all the responses were trying to say why they used it but what was written came across more as "which bag" which of course is the inevitable next question. So all good info but thought I would try to answer why.

    Note to self: have Driftwood pack my gear for me. They have it down.
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  4. Bigbella

    Bigbella Manta Ray

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: San Francisco
    Primarily, it should just accommodate most of the gear that you may require, in one place; and one of mine also happens to be a dry bag. I usually carry extra equipment and clothing, since I am frequently at remote sites, along with repair materials, etc. It's just a mater of convenience, security, and portability.

    I additionally carry Rubbermaid tubs, as some above have already mentioned, which are useful for storing wet gear and for the more practical protection of fiddly things, like camera equipment . . .
  5. Esprise Me

    Esprise Me Kelp forest dweller ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    I think you've pinpointed OP's confusion. That said, for what it's worth, I do have a small mesh "game bag" (designed for lobsters, but I use it to collect trash underwater), and while I don't often take it with me on a dive, I do use it to hold my booties, gloves, hood, mask, wrist computer, compass, and reg. That whole kit goes inside a larger mesh Stahlsac backpack, which also contains my fins, BC, wetsuit, weights, and anything else I'm bringing along. That big bag, of course, never comes with me on the dive. I have a rolling suitcase I use instead for travel and day trips to Catalina. But I like keeping all the little stuff together, and it's nice that the little game bag serves a dual purpose.
  6. outofofficebrb

    outofofficebrb HARRO HUNNAYYY

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: San Francisco, California
    Now I am wondering - does the OP mean a bag while underwater?
  7. Darnold9999

    Darnold9999 Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Victoria BC Canada
    I use a North Face duffel bag. Relatively cheap, has lasted 10 years, weighs nothing, holds everything and is waterproof. Turn it inside out and hose it out after a trip.

    I have a purpose built dive bag and have used it once. Too heavy to fly with and it advertises that there is expensive dive gear inside. I think it says Mares on the outside (forget it has been so long)

    Keep a couple of plastic bags to keep clothes and stuff dry when packing wet gear.
  8. Rickk

    Rickk Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Philippines
    To transport my gear, I never use a dive equipment branded bag, it just screams VALUABLE STUFF INSIDE. I like the gear from 511 tactical, wears great and usually has lots of pockets and MOLIE to add and customize. It has extra gear and holds open and closed fins, 3rd mask and snorkel, extra SMB, a few repair tools and spare parts.

    Once at the hotel, I have a mesh bag to carry the essential gear to the dive shop, most of the dive shops I've used have drying lockers and I'll just leave my gear there overnight ready for the next day. The dive shops usually provide bins to store stuff and to carry it to the boat.

    I will also use the mesh bag when driving to the dive site but I also have a plastic bin for the wetsuit and BCD to keep my car from smelling like fish.

    As a day bag I have a 10 l wet bag. In it is my save a dive kit, some local money for the tee shirt sales ladies, my travel coffee mug so I have real coffee instead of brewed in between dives, water bottle and a few sundry items that I will use on the boat like wet wipes and tissue paper, spare camera batteries and perhaps a snack bar.
  9. DanBMW

    DanBMW Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: Florida
    Like many, I use a rolling duffel bag that has a hard bottom ( LL Bean) for travel. I also carry a mesh bag with several pockets, to use at the destination. One more small dry bag for after dive things like towel, change of cloths, etc.. Keeps it simple.

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