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Why use Gauge mode?

Discussion in 'Computers, Gauges, Watches & Analyzers' started by UnderwaterArchy, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. UnderwaterArchy

    UnderwaterArchy Registered

    I just wanted to know why you would use a dive computer like the Stinger in gauge mode during your dive? It seems as if having the computer set on air or nitrox still offers you dive time and depth so it seems funny to have the computer and just use it as a simple bottom timer.
  2. Snowbear

    Snowbear NOK ScubaBoard Supporter

    also, I still like to be able to download the dive profiles and let the computer calculate my SAC rate.
    And - I'm finding that keeping it in guage mode forces me to pay more attention to my profile as I'm diving it.
  3. IndigoBlue

    IndigoBlue Contributor

    If you are diving a helium mix, then the Suunto products will not work for you, except in gauge mode.

    For any deco dive, it is orthodox to preplan the dive and use a slate to schedule your deco stops, having the Suunto in gauge mode.

    For high altitude dives beyond the range of the Suuntos, you would have to compute your own equivalent depths and use the gauge mode to track the dives.

    For square profile dives, the gauge mode is fine, whether any mix. There are divers who believe that to trust in a computer is fundamentally unsound. Don't look at me, I always use my Suunto in nitrox mode, unless deco or helium diving. But not everyone.
  4. cyklon_300

    cyklon_300 Contributor

    for all planned decompression dives, regardless of mix. Cut tables and use the Suunto as a depth gauge and timer.

    For www dives, it goes back to Nitrox mode.
  5. Spectre

    Spectre Contributor

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Wicked farther south of familiar
    Anything like gas switches and such will throw your computer off. Diving in guage mode you don't have to worry about forgetting to put in your nitrox mix and having it freaking out because it thinks your on air. You get your dive time in seconds vs. minutes that you get in dive mode. Plus with a stinger in particular, you get 1 second sampling on your dive rather than 20 second sampling. If you are planning your dive and diving your plan, you don't need the computer to tell you anything since you already know you're good.

    With guage mode [or more specifically freedive mode with the stinger] unfortunately it won't let me put in pressures to get it to calculate my sac rate; but of course I can do that off the average depth anyway.

    I do, however, tend to keep my stinger in dive mode as a backup when diving a single gas.
  6. IslandHopper

    IslandHopper Guest

    It is usually used in gauge mode when you don't want it to be a computer. Mostly when doing deco diving.

    Since the computer is really designed for non-deco diving, it gets REAL conservative if you push it into deco modes. So... most people doing deco will plan their dives meticulously using tables, and use the "gauge mode" for depth and time.

    Properly used, tables will provide shorter deco stops than most recreational computers ... and you have the option of doing deco on Nitrox.

    If you leave the Stinger in computer mode, and exceed it's "limits", it will lock-up for 48 hours and be unuseable for two days :)
  7. Spectre

    Spectre Contributor

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Wicked farther south of familiar
    What is 'exceeding it's limits'? Do you need to bend the computer to get it to lock you out? My stinger has never been locked out.. not like some computers that'll lock you out as soon as you get out of the water after kicking into deco on a dive.

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