Special lenses for mask?

Discussion in 'New Divers and Those Considering Diving' started by freedc, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. freedc

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    This is totally traumatic for me but I just came to the realization that after a lifetime of 20/20 vision and never having to worry about corrective lenses, I suddenly can't focus on stuff that's close to my face, like my freaking dive computer, air gauge, and compass! :cussing: I guess that comes with turning 43.

    I'm just coming to grips with this, so maybe you older divers can tell me what I'm in for. Am I going to need bifocals? A special mask? Contact lenses for diving? What do other fogies do who can't read their dials but otherwise see fine?
  2. fisheater

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    Two things to do: One, the other or both.

    Prescription lenses in the mask. (Could be drop in replacements or glued on special grinds.)

    Stick on "gauge readers." I use the DiveOptx brand. (The stick super well or not worth crap, depending upon how carefully you follow directions. Be very sure you use non-oil detergent to clean your mask, lenses and hands. That's key.)

    (I HATE anything touching or about to touch my eyeballs. So contacts are out for me. Not to mention problems with flooded, kicked off masks.)

    I feel your pain. Eagle vision gone forever. I miss it, too.

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  3. ScubaSteve1962

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    The look2 by Aqualung has lenses that could be replaced with Rx lenses. There are probably others out there.
  4. fisheater

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  5. phillybob

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    Cressi Corrective Lens for Big Eyes Evolution Mask

    LP sells tons of replacement lenses with different strength diopters attached for all different makes of masks. I just put a Cressi up as an example. I replaced my Mares X-Visions left lens with a +2.5 diopter. Works great for reading gauges. Light years better than the plastic stick-on lenses. And about the same price. The diopter/lens is pro grade glass and it's permanently fussed to the lens. Very high quality that won't fall off. It takes about two minutes to swap out the lens yourself.
  6. TMHeimer

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    YES...43! That was 1997 for me and that's exactly when it happened. You can get inserts for the bottom of your mask that act as yes... READING GLASSES. I lost 2 by following directions and sticking them on with warm water, etc. Maybe a little glue is better. Or, if your up close vision isn't too bad, you can try highlighting stuff as I do on analog gauges. Or, some of the other ideas above. I had the lazer surgery just before getting certified in '05. I used to be able to see perfectly up close and all over underwater while snorkelling--the refraction of light water to mask air space corrected me. Now I see 20-20 with everything else, but not up close.
  7. fnfalman

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    Get gauges and computers with bigger displays.


    I love my Wisdom 2 computer because of the big numbers.
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  8. knowone


    My 16" monitor lives 6' from my

    Vision improves post cigarette apocalypto
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  9. Searcaigh

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    At 58 I need +1.5 for reading, so far underwater I can still read my gauges and dive computer, but I know that day is coming soon
  10. TartanFrog

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    I use +1.5 reading glasses for normal stuff above water. In water I can read most things on my Atomic Cobalt without too much difficulty except the things that are in smaller characters such as gas time remaining bottom time etc. I've tried the stick on version of the readers but I could not get them to stay in the position I needed them.

    I am probably going to have custom lenses made with readers in the lower section. Pain in the neck, but it would also help seeing the details on my camera.
  11. DiveMaven

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    I have the same problem. XS Scuba makes a Look Down Reader Mask where the bottom of the lens is angled and 1.75+ strength. I find it perfect for reading my computer and since it's angled it doesn't interfere with looking straight ahead.

    I tried the stick in lenses and they wouldn't stick. When I got some hydrophobic tape and glued them on, I realized that they're a bit smaller than I wanted since I didn't feel like I could just glance down like I can with the Reader mask.

    If you need more magnification, Scuba.com also has a bunch of masks you can order with bifocals in many different strengths.
  12. p1p

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    Keep in mind, some people cant use bi-focals (like me for example). For some reason, probably because of all my martials arts training for peripheral vision , bifocals totally mess up my overall vision.

    It was an odd discovery.
  13. DivemasterDennis

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    I too have had trouble with stick in lenses sticking in. I am a 58 year old tri-focal wearer, but I find that pop in pre-ground lenses work just fine, but I do have one custom ground bifocal mask, which cost several hundreds of dollars. The pop ins are a fraction of that price. I pop in a left lens that I can see close through, and pop in a right lens that gives me totally clear vision at distance. I learned that from people who have lazik surgery, where the procedure implements that plan, and it works great. I commend it to you.
  14. starrlamia

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    i got pop in ones for my mask, not too pricey (100 CAD) and I love them! Im not opposed to contacts, Im just lazy and dont feel like wearing them :p
  15. TomZ

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    I ordered a mask from my LDS with corrective lenses, readers in the bottom of the mask. The correction is good, but.... I'm real sensitive to anything, ANYTHING just a little off in my glasses. The permanent readers are fine, but only one eye at a time. The lenses are much farther away than my actual PD (Pupil Distance) of 65mm. I can only focus through one or the other by looking slightly sideways through one lens or the other. I needed to order a real prescription mask for my very nearsighted wife. I researched this issue and ordered one from Prescription Dive Masks I ordered one for myself, after speaking with the optician (who is a diver) about my concerns. I haven't received them yet, but many reviewers speak highly of his work.
  16. scuba_shark_fart

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    I'm not the "fogie," but I do wear progressive/bifocals on a regular basis. Honestly, I've been fortunate enough to where I can see my computer underwater good enough to not need lenses in my mask yet. A few of my dive buddies tried to convince me to get em, but I know if I can see or not.
    Anyhow, the water acts as a magnifier for me.
    I have dove with contacts in the past and had no issues, although I've had friends who said they can't b/c of pressure changes on the eye causing eye shape to change slightly and the contacts can be irritating.
    It's all personal preference, but I'd look into the expenses as well. Rx lenses can be quite expensive. Maybe DAN has an eye doc they recommend for something like this. One of your local shops may be more knowledgable as well.
  17. oldogre

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    I wear Bifocals & use OPTX stick-on lenses (+2.5), & so far (50 dives) no problems. For me they are essential.
  18. Bob DBF

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    A buddy of mine continues to use his Brick (Orca Edge) for that very reason.

    I like analog gauges 'cause I can see the needle and know where the numbers should be. I also have the the stick on cheaters in case I actually have to read anything accuratly.

    I may be old, but I’m not dead yet.
  19. craracer

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    Anyone run across something that can be attached directly to a gauge face?
  20. Culcuhain

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    Prescription Diving Mask Lenses

    They make gauge readers lens for their masks.

    I have a SeaDive Mask and Mares X-Vision both with RX lens (no gauge readers since I am nearsighted and old)

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