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Smoking Protocols on Dive Boats?

Discussion in 'Basic Scuba' started by DandyDon, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. oleras

    oleras Solo Diver

    Being from Ireland, not just pubs, but a ban on tobaco products in the workplace under health and safety regulations, and this does include pubs and bars, also boats as a matter of fact, if it is in Irish waters you cannot smoke in an enclosed space, you may go on deck of course, but for people to say smokers do not have rights ? of course WE do, we have a right to smoke, our lungs, our money and frankly, if some people have a problem with it it is just that, their problem, and how they deal with it is up to them. As for people who have adverse reactions to cigarette smoke, my sympaties, i would never be so rude as to smoke inside with you present, but outside ? ? come on......shall we close all the flourists because people have severe hayfever ? or place them outside ?

    Ole Ras ( a disgruntled smoker who cannot enjoy a smoke with his pint tonight !! )
  2. DiveKitty68

    DiveKitty68 Contributor

    When they are eventually restricted to only smoking in their own homes and cars, maybe they'll get the picture that their habit is an unwelcome assault on the health of others.[/QUOTE]
    In California, they go even further. If you are in a commercial vehicle, a cop can pull you over. Smoking in the work place. I personally heard from some commercial truck drivers (who own their own truck!) that they were hassled in this manner from the CHP (hi Jon. hi Ponch!). California has some different views on some things....
  3. GQMedic

    GQMedic NAUI Instructor

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: SoCal. (Yeah, baybee)
    No secret here that I am a smoker as I've fully blasted some of the more rude non-smokers who feel the need to flap thier gums on SB in the past.

    I'm a polite smoker, but ONLY to a point. I will seek a spot where I am quite alone, and downwind of others, where I will light up to my delight. When events lead to the PC non-smokers approach to inform me that my smoke bothers them, I have no problem telling them to move away from me. Hey, I don't seek you out to stand next to you and light up, don't seek me out to stand next to me, flap your gums and breathe.

    As I read this thread more, I find myself laughing at the more draconian, politically correct, uptight blowhards on SB. Relax! No need to fiend! Here, have one! Light up! I'll like you much more after you've had a few drags!

    Cyklon, you are way uptight! You need a smoke badly! You say there is no right to smoke? (Too funny) There's no right for you to but your nose in other people's business. You said: (quoting you) "When they are eventually restricted to only smoking in their own homes and cars, maybe they'll get the picture that their habit is an unwelcome assault on the health of others" I have to tell you that maybe when you've lipped off to the wrong smoker, and you've been tossed overboard for some distance swimming, you'll get the picture that while you are entitled to your opinion, you're not entitled to press it upon others.

    And Michael Schlink, you say: "But when I'm on a dive boat I don't expect it and I don't put up with it. I feel sorry for the one or two smokers hanging in the back of the boat trying to feed their addiction, but if I see my wife (a former smoker), wrinkle her nose, I'm going to say something, I'll sart with polite, but if that doesn't get it done-well then." What are you going to do about it? Nothing, that's what. I like the "well then" and what is that supposed to mean? Does this mean you'll get violent about it? *rolling my eyes* Are you trying to act like a tough guy or something? Are you the smoking police? Dude, have a smoke! Drink a beer! (or a dozen) and lighten up!

    Ahh, too funny, you guys are killin' me!
  4. wrongkey

    wrongkey Contributor

    You reference "rude non-smokers who feel the need to flap their gums," tell us how "polite" you are, and then go on post the drivel suggesting Cyklon be tossed over the side of the boat and toss insults at Michael. Now, THAT is funny.

    Dude, get a clue. You have no idea what a prominent EXHIBIT A you are to everyone who wants to press an agenda confining your habit to the privacy of your own home. I'm not kidding, either. In fact, when I read your garbage and insults, I think it might not be such a bad idea myself.
  5. DandyDon

    DandyDon Old men ought to be explorers ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: One kilometer high on the Texas Central Plains
    I use the term Militant Non Smokers!

    If I'm at the stern (the sqaure back end) of a moving boat, or there's wind pushing it away from the anchor or mooring ball, and the Militant Non Smokers is upwind, why should they give a flying pig?! It's got to be a control issue - preventing me from doing something they do not approve! Remember from panel #1

  6. DiveKitty68

    DiveKitty68 Contributor

    :wink: hey GQ, you forgot to list alligator wrasslin' in the interest section of your profile.
  7. DandyDon

    DandyDon Old men ought to be explorers ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: One kilometer high on the Texas Central Plains
    I do not see how any reasonable person could fault that? Some of his other comments may have been a bit much, but dang - if you poke someone with a stick, they may react.
  8. cyklon_300

    cyklon_300 Contributor

    I need to lip off to my elected representatives again...urge them to eliminate or reduce federal subsidies to tobacco farmers, continue to raise taxes on tobacco products at every opportunity, and consider more stringent restrictions on where smoking is permitted.

    Thanks for the reminder.
  9. archman

    archman ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Florida
    Many people who have never smoked are oblivious to the "etiquettes" involved in public places and in this context, boats. So while navy folks, mariners, and fishermen generally are aware that the stern is earmarked the smoking area, everyone else has to learn by experience. Only a couple times have I heard a captain or mate talk about smoking areas aboard ship, other than the standard briefing regarding fire safety.

    I don't smoke, but I've been to sea a lot and know the etiquettes. All you have to do is see it once and pay attention. Most sailors are too polite to bring the topic up directly unless you ask.
  10. Michael Schlink

    Michael Schlink Instructor, Scuba

    As I said I'll be polite first and as some have said they respect that and do what's needed to not bother anyone with their smoking. But I think it's obvious that there is a majority that don't want to be near a smoker And as I said smoke all you want as long as I don't have to smell it Also why do smokers think they have a right to smoke, especially when entire states are taking measures against it. My point is simply that MOST of us going out on dive boats, and I think that's pretty obvious, don't want to be around it at all. There are countless reasons not to smoke, ESPECIALLY, in regards to diving, and "second hand" smoke can have adverse affects on many of us. Here's something that I think is ironic, why does a smoker use deoderant?? i just recently came back from a liveaboard in Indo. the boat had a few spaces left and asked us if they could fill them. We told them no probelm, but absolutely no smoking, period, anywhere, at all. They completely understood. As far as getting violent heck no and wouldn't think of it but if you didn't accomadate my request I would take additonal steps, T/W captain, organize a keel hauling, bucket of water, entice you with cash incentives, offer you beer for cigarettes whatever it takes BUT as I said this only applies if I smell it. I'll go to the bow of the boat but I can't get any farther than that after that you're going to have to make the effort. Our experience with smokers is that few of them either care or realize how much their smoking effects the people around them. If they did would they do the things they do. Pull up to a traffic light and look at the ground, or the ground around the entry ways to malls, restaurants, airports, etc. How many smokers have butts in there cars ashtrays. They don't want to stink up their car so the toss the butt out the window, if smokers are so considerate then why do these conditions exist??

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