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  1. Big Island Divers And Jacks Diving Locker Are Awesome!
  2. I need three "near bent" days in Oahu
  3. Kauai Diving suggestions?
  4. Lost Camera :-(
  5. Scooter Diving Maui
  6. Kona Aggressor Kamaʻāina?
  7. Maui diving - boat or shore? Buddies? 26 March
  8. Kona underwater photo workshop Sep 19th - 28th
  9. Who to dive with on Maui?
  10. NoBuddy
  11. Kaua'i Gallery
  12. Seahorses in Hawaii! New respect for Hawaii diving
  13. Long Shot: 8/22/2014 Lost GoPro on the back side of Molokini
  14. We Want Wrecks?
  15. What to dive in Oahu?
  16. GUE fundamentals and Gas Blender classes Oct 20-26, OAHU
  17. Kona in January???
  18. Maui dive suggestions? Looking for something new.
  19. Anyone Diving Kaua`i 8/30 - 9/5?
  20. Male fish are turning female. (No, not on purpose and not naturally.)
  21. Is it just me or are you guys seeing tons of baby butterflyfish lately?
  22. Liveaboards in Hawaii
  23. Snorkeling in late Dec/early Jan. Maui or Big Island?
  24. Kona Trip Report (Short)
  25. Dive op in/near Wailea? Recommended sites?
  26. How do I get in touch with a guide for tunnels in kauai
  27. Where should I go diving in Maui? (Kihei and Ka'anapali)
  28. Shore Diving buddy Sept
  29. Want to get my AOW card in Oahu.
  30. Who does VIP, Hydro, and Reg Servicing on Molokai and Lanai?
  31. Tiger Shark checking out Maui Scooter Divers
  32. Trip report and video link: Kona coast 6/22 - 7/8
  33. Oh no! Another accident at Molokini this morning!
  34. Readers Poll: Boat is sinking. Don SCUBA or Life Vest?
  35. Are there any Big Island Dive Charters That Cater To Advanced Divers?
  36. Need tanks hydro'd on the BI, shop reccomendations?
  37. Pro Diver sinks
  38. Anybody up for some Kauai Diving this week?
  39. Kona Aggressor-First Liveaboard
  40. Maui trip report
  41. GUE fundamentals class July 23-27, OAHU
  42. Time and Locations Input Request
  43. Looking for diving buddy in Maui, between July 24th - August 17th
  44. Oahu Recommendations
  45. Big Island help
  46. Seasport Divers
  47. New Diver headed to Maui in July looking for some advice
  48. New Snorkeling Guidebook for Maui
  49. Shore Diving Maui West Side
  50. Epic conditions
  51. DPV(scooter) in Kealakekua Bay?
  52. Feedback wanted: Dive Plans for a week on the Big Island
  53. Weird sighting: Purple Velvet Sea Stars along the shore on Maui.
  54. Diving Big Island - Hilo side?
  55. Kauai / Niihau diving summer 2014
  56. lets dive
  57. Looking for a Buddy to Shore Dive Maui (June 14-19 2014)
  58. Dive Centers in Oahu and Maui
  59. Recommended Wetsuit for Maui during July/Aug
  60. Trip report: Oahu (Waikiki and Waimanae), May 8-9, Kaimana Divers
  61. Trip report: Kona, May 4-5, Jack's Diving Locker
  62. Oahu Tec diving?
  63. Planning to dive Hawaii in July!
  64. D.T. Fleming beach for shore dives?
  65. Sensorship by SCUBABoard or just this particular Moderator????
  66. Idiot Diver Illegally Collecting Fish attacks a SCUBA Diver at 50'
  67. Looking for Maui buddy June 18- July 3rd
  68. Water temp at depth
  69. Fun way to learn Hawaiian fish - online, for free!
  70. New Wreck Dive?
  71. Sunny AM Wreck Dive with Squiddos!
  72. Hawaii advice- where is best to dive?
  73. Scooter Dives in Maui during the summer
  74. SSI Platinum Pro Divers in Hawaii? Anyone?
  75. Kauai June 30 to July 9
  76. Diving Oahu 29APR14 to 03MAY14 - seeking dive buddy
  77. Shore Diving Kauai
  78. Dive trip to Big Island of Hawaii
  79. List and Descriptions of Oahu Wrecks
  80. Anyone on Oahu looking to dive this weekend? 4/19-20
  81. Diving in Oahu
  82. Searching for a regular Maui Dive Buddy!
  83. Maui diving early April
  84. Kauai, Ni'ihau and Napali
  85. Which 2 or3 islands, and when?
  86. snorkel tips with 2 days in Oahu boat or Hanauma Bay?
  87. Possibility of regulation of Kona's manta ray dive on front page of West Hawaii Today
  88. Diving in Maui with newly certified 13 and 14 year olds
  89. Kailua Bay Scootering (Big Island)
  90. Reputable service tech?
  91. Kauai Dive Shops and Locations for June/July
  92. Dive Operator Recommendation
  93. November Trip to Maui: Help needed in planning trip to another island?
  94. Thank you Kaimana Divers, again!
  95. Off-the-beaten-path Maui accomodations?
  96. Boots (and fins) for Kona shore diving
  97. Dving with Sea Turtles in Oahu -- Recommendations
  98. Maui Dive and Surf in April - Looking for recommendations
  99. Last minute trip to the Big Island
  100. maui /condo/ apartment
  101. Help with figuring out where to stay...Big Island in Jan
  102. Recommendations for Oahu in October
  103. Trip Report - Kona Diving Company - Feb. 2014
  104. Dive Boat Operator Abandons Divers in the Water?
  105. Kona Tank Rental
  106. Kauai Beach Diving
  107. Kauai diving at Princeville
  108. We'd love to hear some opinions on diving out of Kona and Ko' Olina.
  109. Weeknight shore dives on Oahu
  110. Video and Pics from Two Step on Big Island
  111. Diving in Maui
  112. Scuba Swap and Shop
  113. Doug Schuler Passed away
  114. Makaha Dive conditions this week 2/18/2014
  115. Tunnels beach dive buddy?
  116. Suggestion for 2nd island on top of Maui.
  117. Feedback wanted: Shore Diving Itinerary on Oahu in July
  118. Never Been to Hawaii - Which Island?
  119. Kona's Must dive sites.
  120. submarine dive but not Atlantis????
  121. Help needed on Kauai, Big Island, Maui trip
  122. Too early to talk about Nov yet on the Big Island?
  123. Anyone know a good buyer's agent???
  124. Dive Buddy - Kauai or Big Island last week of March
  125. Upcoming PSI Cylinder Visual Inspector Certification Class - 24 Feb, Honolulu
  126. Maui early October?
  127. Maui OW Referral for 11 yr old--recommendations?
  128. Driving back to Volcano area (from Kona) after diving
  129. Who will be in Kauai between Feb 26 and March 12?
  130. Anyone going to be on Maui for Whale Day this year? Fun Event You Don't Want to Miss!
  131. Aluminum 40's - Maui and Kauai?
  132. Big Island small 6 pack Dive OP in Kona??
  133. Kauai in April - Ni'Hau?
  134. Kauai Review - Blue Dolphin Charters
  135. Recommendations for Maui & Kauai
  136. Recent relocation and cheaper charters
  137. Kona in March or Nov/Dec?
  138. Looking for Equipment (Tank and weights) Rental Near Makaha
  139. Kona Manta ray night dive
  140. Hey Im famous! Well not really but I was on the boat
  141. Kaimana Divers: See you again in March
  142. Dve buddy on Oahu?
  143. Haunama Bay
  144. What to do in Hawaii Big Island ?
  145. Kauai diving
  146. Wetsuit Requirement?
  147. Richardson Beach in April
  148. Big island ...suggestion needed for scuba and snorkeling.
  149. Resonable accomodation in Lahaina Maui? *time sensitive*
  150. Thanks AquamanKauai
  151. Do Fake Reefs Offer Real Solutions for Hawaii?
  152. Great Whites in Hawaii
  153. Honolulu dive shops?
  154. Oahu
  155. Vacation Help
  156. Buddy (Buddies) wanted on Maui!
  157. Maui dives for photographer
  158. Looking for a dive resort on Oahu
  159. Big Island Diving - 1/18 through 1/21
  160. Maui shore dive buddy February 16-March 1
  161. Maui Five Caves from Makena Landing entry
  162. SCUBA Industry Day
  163. Looking for a dive buddy on Oahu and The Big Island
  164. Maui Shore Dives
  165. Top Shore Dives on the Big Island
  166. Volcano National Park
  167. Ko Olina/Kapolei dive suggestions
  168. Air/water temp?
  169. Molokini is a crater!
  170. Maui Buddy- Kihei area January 20 - 27
  171. 3 days of diving in Dec Big Island - what to do?
  172. I Love Our Ocean and this makes me Sad... "Aqua Seafoam Shame" Directors Cut
  173. Anyone looking for a set of Doubles?
  174. Big Island Shore Diving
  175. Found a phone, Big Island; did you lose one?
  176. Hawaii diving over Christmas
  177. Ni'Hau - what is typically THE best month to go? Plus a couple Kauai questions
  178. Kona water temperature late November
  179. Top shore dives on Oahu?
  180. Maui, Kaanapali 48 hour layover...diving?
  181. Deeper Wreck Diving in Oahu?
  182. Oahu diving and dive shops
  183. Shore diving vs boat diving on the Big Island
  184. Wetsuits ?
  185. This Surprised me. No Lessons over Christmas
  186. Hawaii shore diving? It's a "sure" thing!
  187. Looking for a Buddy for Maui - Jan 4th to Jan 12th
  188. First Whales on Oahu!
  189. Maui OW Referral Dive suggestions
  190. Snorkler looking for an Achilles Tang on Maui.
  191. Canadian on Maui
  192. Can a Hawaii based diver do me a non-diving favor?
  193. Maui, Kauai and the Big Island in March
  194. Help Me Plan my Itineary on the Big Island
  195. Molokai trip leave Friday 7pm return Sat 7pm
  196. ISO Maui dive partners Oct/25 - Nov/18 2013
  197. Some Maui questions/updates (Oct/2013)
  198. Videos of our Maui trip
  199. Found Mens Wedding Band
  200. Here comes the bride.....
  201. Dive near Waikoloa or head down to Kona?
  202. GUE fundamentals class April 2-6 2014, Oahu, HI
  203. First whale 2013!!
  204. Hawai'i 'Ohana roll call
  205. Kauai diving: any good?.
  206. Maui Dive Reviews
  207. Waikiki Diving Center - Review!
  208. Doubles Rental
  209. Kauai dive ops still running to Ni'ihau? Anyone interested in diving 9/30-10/6?
  210. Dive videos from Kauai
  211. handicapped scuba on the big island?
  212. Recommended Dive Operators in Waikoloa / Kohala Coast on Hawaii Big Island?
  213. Looking for a reputable dive shop in Waikiki.
  214. New Diver, Free Airline Ticket, Thinking about Hawaii--Suggestions Welcome
  215. cylinder safety notice
  216. Diving In Kauai This December, any suggestions?
  217. Dive Operator for Advanced Divers in Maui
  218. Island Divers leaving Hickam Air Force Base
  219. Dive Buddy west side Kahana, Sept 16-28
  220. Kona in Jan
  221. One day to dive in Maui - Lanai or Molokai?
  222. Upcoming PSI Inspector classes in Honolulu
  223. Manta bodyslams my hubby!!!
  224. Very disappointed!!!!
  225. Dive Boat to Molokai from Oahu?
  226. KONA I need to have my Scubapro reg serviced
  227. Carthaginian worth doing?
  228. Kona vs. Roatan
  229. Shore dive to the Carthaginian
  230. Considering Hawaii for our next dive vacation - Advice Needed
  231. Big Island - shore and manta snorkel/diving in December
  232. Looking for dive buddy
  233. NEWSFLASH! HI Shark Spooked by Sneezing Diver!
  234. Molokai Hammerheads - best time to go?
  235. Shops to buy gear in Kauai? Lost my bag :(
  236. Where to go and with who with two days in Oahu?
  237. Kona Agressor Sept 28
  238. Maui trip 8-14 thru 8-22
  239. Big Thanks Shaka Doug!
  240. Trip Report Maui 8/12 - 8/20
  241. vacation advice
  242. Quick Oahu Video......
  243. Scuba near the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel - Kona, HI
  244. Request for Photos: Oahu, Molokai, and Maui
  245. Where to rent equipment in Kona
  246. Free shore diving maps for Oahu
  247. One day to dive in Maui, where to go?
  248. Hawai'i - Manta Night Dive, 2 Steps and Milolii...
  249. Visiting Kauai? Don't miss Koloa Landing
  250. Outrageous fees for scuba gear on Hawaiian airlines?
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